Owens Claims “Absence of Masculinity In That Child’s Life…”

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Conservative political commentator Candace Owens has sunk to a new low if that is even possible. Her latest targets are former NBA star Dwayne Wade and his 13-year-old transgender daughter Zara. The fact that she is even commenting on the personal lives of this family, who she has never met, needs to be addressed. I don’t recall Wade or his wife actress Gabrielle Union asking Owens for her opinion.

Owens and her acid tongue had much to say about Wade’s parenting style, again remember she has never met him. Not stopping there, why would she, Owens also attacked Zara, his 13-year-old daughter. A proud day for Owens going on national television and trashing a teenager who again she has never met. Have you got nothing better to do? Do you think your opinions are valued and valid in this matter? Listen to me carefully – STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE. 


Here is the mp3 of her spouting out her hate:


His son now says that he is a woman and Dwyane Wade is…’this is who he’s always been.’ No it’s not!” Owens ranted about Wade’s daughter Zara. “You’re not going to tell me that your child is wearing long nine-inch nails and a belly shirt because that’s just how they came out.” Did he learn if from Instagram? Did he learn it in school? Did he learn it in a music video? Your child learned this behavior because there was an absence of masculinity in that child’s life and that makes sense for a basketball player,” 

Right off the bat, notice how Owens refuses to use the proper pronouns for Zara. God this woman is awful. Why is it that the mere existence of transgender people makes conservatives lose their shit? Dissecting this child’s life and pulling a diagnosis out of thin air, again about people you have never met and know nothing about. Is that your clinical diagnosis? The “absence of masculinity.” These are three words jumbled together to rile up the base. 


“You’re not going to tell me that your child is…

Hey Owens, No one is telling you anything, you are not a part of this.

Judging by the lack of traction this is getting on social media, Wade and Union are not even releasing a statement or acknowledging your “thoughts. “It probably didn’t even make the dinner table conversation.  

A few months ago Harry Styles was in your crosshairs. Seems you took issue with his Vogue cover. More specifically his clothes. In some photos, he was wearing a dress or a skirt. {GOP LOSES THEIR SHIT} I think you released a statement, you didn’t approve. Again, no one cared. 


Wade and Union have been widely praised for their unconditional and unwavering support of Zara, and their work as Allies to the LGBTQ community. Their desire to pay it forward and help people in a bigger way birthed the Wade World Foundation,

“Wade’s World Foundation (WWF), founded by Dwyane Wade in 2003, works to provide support to community-based organizations that promote education, health and social skills for children in at-risk situations. WWF is dedicated to its vision of empowering the underserved core communities of Chicago, Milwaukee, and the South Florida areas.” — About Us description of WWF

In one corner we have Wade and Union giving their child unwavering support, and creating a foundation to help as many kids as possible. In the other, we have Owens rambling on about nine-inch nails and absentee father or some shit she came up with while taking a shower or whatever. Did I mention that Owens is being sued for $20 million dollars?



You know what they say about Karma. 

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  1. im not conservative by no means..I cant stand candace owens but this is the most on point comment she has ever made… someone close to him shouldve been said all this. theres nothing ok with teaching disfunction. trans lifestyle is bullshit.. you got guys dressing up like women competing against women, and fools like you talking about the right pronouns.. you sound like a nut..you all need help. we are witnessing the de generation of generations…seek therapy for your issues.. may god have mercy on your warped mind.


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