P.R. Firm Drops Jason Aldean After Wife’s Transphobic Comments

Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany Kerr Aldean has been receiving criticism after her recent transphobic comment, and his publicity firm parted ways with him amidst the issue.


The public relations firm have worked with the 45-year-old country music singer for 17 years, and they said that it was a “difficult decision” to make.

“Music has always been and remains The GreenRoom’s core focus, so we had to make the difficult decision after 17 years to step away from representing Jason. We aren’t the best people for the gig anymore, but will always be big fans of his music — he is one of the greatest live entertainers in country music,” co-owner of Nashville-based The GreenRoom Tyne Parrish stated.

The issue sparked after Brittany captioned a make-up reveal video that read:

“I’d really like to thank my parents for not changing my gender when I went through my tomboy phase. I love this girly life.”


And to that, her husband Jason responded on the comments section writing:

“Lmao!! Im glad they didn’t too, cause you and I wouldn’t have worked out.”

Furthermore, Brittany tried to walk back her comments via an Instagram post with a caption stating:

“Per usual, my words have been taken out of context over the last week. Instead of getting twisted about the twisting of my words, I’ve chosen to bring some good out of it,” accompanied by photos of her and Jason’s sister Kasi Rosa Wicks sporting merch with the “Don’t Tread on Our Kids” phrase printed on them.


Whatever, we all know what she is trying to say.

Source: People.com

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  1. Too bad she is so brain dead that she doesn’t actually realize it is heterosexual men who traffic children like Epstein…who was good friends with Trump.


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