PA Rep. Brian Sims Gives Impassioned Speech on LGBTQ Rights

Representative Brian Sims speaking on the Pennsylvania House floor. (Photo Credit: Screenshot of Brian Sims speech video 1-26-21 via PA. House Video Official YouTube Channel)

In an effort to amend Pennsylvaniaโ€™s constitution to extend civil rights to all Pennsylvania residents including the LGBTQ community, Pennsylvania House Democrats made a strong effort to get House Bill 55, Amendment A170 passed on Tuesday, January 26.

Brian Sims, the representative for the 182nd district in the state, took to the House floor to make an impassioned speech urging the House Republicans, who are the majority, to vote in favor of the amendment.


Sims, who shared the experience on his social media accounts, revealed: ย 

The 42-year-old openly gay representative also shared a video of his speech via the Pennsylvania House Video Official YouTube channel.


During the video, Sims expounded:

โ€œI shared quotes from a few of my LGBTQ heroes, Barney Frank, Harvey Milk and I think about their heroics and leadership often, about how special they were, but also how special any of us can be. How heroic we can be in a singular moment, a moment history makes, a moment like this.โ€

Other representatives to persuade the Pennsylvania House Republicans were Jessica Benham, 36th district.


And Dan Frankel, 23rd district

As expected, the vote went down part lines with all of the Democrats voting in favor of the amendment and all of the Republicans voting against it striking down the chance of the amendment passing.


While the failure of the amendment was not unexpected, there were many that were disappointed in the House Republicans.


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