PA State Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta Got Engaged!

Malcolm Kenyatta (right) proposed to his boyfriend Dr. Matt Miller this past weekend. / Image via Twitter @malcolmkenyatta

Congratulations to Malcolm Kenyatta and Dr. Matt Miller.

While in the midst of a campaign for re-election, after winning the 2018 Democratic primary bid for State House representative for the 181th District in Pennsylvania, Philadelphia native Malcolm Kenyatta took the time to honor and celebrate his love.


Over the weekend, Malcolm Kenyatta proposed to his boyfriend Matt Miller, Ph.D. The two then had a quick photoshoot to share the happy event with the rest of the world.

β€œI asked my best friend a question… #HeSaidYes,” Kenyatta wrote on Twitter for his announcement post.


That post was met with general love, acceptance, and words of congratulations. That includes former Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, his husband Chasten Buttigieg, PA State Rep Mary Gay Scanlon, PA Senator Vincent Hughes, the PA Democratic Party’s official Twitter account, and more.

Dr. Miller was also vocal about his joy at the event. As he wrote on Twitter, β€œOur engagement was the gift I needed to reset. The surprises, the gatherings of our truest tribe, & the legions of congrats remind me: EVERYTHING is love.”


Again, congratulations to the happy couple.

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