Parker Matthews Serves Some 80s Edge In New Music Video

Out singer/songwriter Parker Matthews
Parker Matthews in ‘What Happened to Us?’ (screen capture)

Out singer/songwriter Parker Matthews latest single and music video, “What Happened To Us?,” totally speaks to so many of us when we think a relationship is a true ‘love connection’ but in reality it was fading and we didn’t even know.

While that sounds like a downer, the soundscape of the track is anything but.


With the opening guitar and bass matching a chill pop-synth groove, the song and video conjure up a bit of 80s retro vibe (thinking Phil Collins here) as Matthews and his crisp vocals take us on a night time drive through the dark land of ‘what ifs.’

Parker Matthews (photo: Easton Schirra Studio)

Matthews tells Instinct, “This record reflects on a time when I could see a seemingly infatuating relationship fade away.”

“At first, it was like the rest of the world didn’t exist when we were together, spending long nights and countless hours just the two of us,” shares the handsome artist. “However, over time, that spark faded, he eventually lost interest, and we stopped talking altogether.


“Lost interest.” Trust and believe, we’ve been there, Parker.

“This song touches on the idea that people might say one thing but mean another, or just not deliver on their promises,” he adds. “I feel like the song’s fun, strong beat paired with its soulful lyrics helps listeners subconsciously identify those debilitating feelings of rejection, and I hope it helps them begin to heal, too.”

“What Happened To Us” is Parker’s first single release of 2021, debuting this new sound in advance of his upcoming EP No Regular Love, about falling in love, heartbreak, and how there is nothing normal about that special connection.

Check out the music video below, and you can find Instinct’s previous coverage of the talented Mr. Matthews here.

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