Party Through The Night With A Full Rainbow Of LGBTQ Diversity

Out country artist Drake Jensen in his new music video ‘Burn the Floor’ (screen capture)

Out country artist Drake Jensen’s latest music video, “Burn The Floor,” is an upbeat, infectious, country/dance confection.

“‘Burn the Floor’ was the result of country music imagined in a different way,” Jensen shared with The Advocate. “I really feel this is my strongest offering to date, and I created it with the ideology that I have had for years since starting my musical journey: that country music is for everyone. As long as there was a voice to send the message.”

The music video for the new single, filmed at the Kinki Lounge & Kitchen in Ottawa, Canada, is a celebration of LGBTQ diversity featuring a wide-ranging spectrum of community members all celebrating as one.

In a statement, Jensen said the inclusivity of the video was part of the message:

“There has been a lot of divisiveness within our community as we tend to sub-categorize each other. My answer to this was to create a song that would be completely inclusive and then invite the gay community of Canada’s capital to film the video. The result was an outburst of fun with so many different members of our community, all of who help make up our beautiful rainbow, where we all party the night away together as one.”

One of the premier out music artists in Canada, he’s proud to have never been in the closet as a gay person. From the get-go, his acclaimed 2011 solo album debut, On My Way To Finding You, highlighted a gay love story in the title track’s music video. Jensen dedicated the video to a 15-year-old who was bullied to death for being gay.

His second album, OUTlaw, featured the anti-bullying music video “Scars.” 

Jensen has also shared his message of unity working with fellow out Canadian country artist Patrick Masse. Their 2017 collaboration, “Go Your Own Way,” was an empowering anti-bullying anthem for young LGBTQ teens that landed on the Top 10 Most Active Indies chart in just a week.

You can check out my interview with Jensen and Masse below where they chat on their duet and their own experiences with bullying.

You can find Drake Jensen’s “Burn the Floor” here.

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