Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott’s ‘Strangers’ Is Haunting and Gay?

Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott are starring in the upcoming fantasy/drama film ‘Strangers,’ which seems to feature a haunting gay romance between the two hot actors.

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Scott plays the role of Adam, who is a screenwriter while his neighbor, Harry, is portrayed by Mescal. Adam’s encounter with Harry is said to “puncture the rhythm of his everyday life,” and they are described to get “closer,” which could possibly imply something more sensual and physical… 😉


Aside from a potential sexy gay romance between Mescal and Scott, ‘Strangers’ is also looking haunted and ghostly, as the synopsis reads:

“After an encounter with his neighbor, a screenwriter is pulled back to his childhood home where he discovers that his long-dead parents are living and look the same age as the day they died.”

The upcoming film is directed by acclaimed queer filmmaker Andrew Haigh, and aside from Mescal and Scott, the cast also includes Jamie Bell and Claire Foy. As per GQ, Bell and Foy star as Adam’s long-dead parents, whom he finds very much alive in his childhood home. They are described to look the same age as the day they passed away over thirty years ago.

As for the release date, Mescal said in a recent interview with W Magazine that he expects ‘Strangers’ to premiere “at the end of the year.”


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