Pegasus, Pups, Pool Time + More

(via Instagram)

Sharing some favorite Instagrams from the week beginning with Florian Munteanu, who made a new friend:

Max Emerson wasn’t sure if shirtless pics are still a thing…?

Shade Andrew asks “With glasses or without?” #whatglasses?

Rob G enjoyed Sunday vibes with his bestie:

Out Olympian (and America’s sweetheart) Adam Rippon posed for a pic with his handsome pooch and hubby:

And Chubby Tanuki chilled with his precious pup:

Nick Fleming is already missing beach days…

…while Dwayne Lati had the holiday blues:

Thara wants to go gym, but he’s looking pretty pumped already:

Doctor Marco shared a selfie for the first time in a while:

GayUncleMario is back with his sassy goulash of gay memes:

Evan Lamicella showed off some impressive flexibility – bet that comes in handy:

Anthony had a quick 24-hour reboot in Palm Springs:

The many facets of Flavio:

Matthew Camp made bedroom eyes at us:

Ramon Ventura threw down more moves after his last dance vid got 100K views:

Elliott Norris is down for tummies out all summer:

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