Pence’s New Neighbors Decorate Homes With Rainbow Flags.

Is it okay to troll a troll?  Well, those may be harsh words, but hanging a simple rainbow flag in one Washington DC community is much less harmful than what the future Vice President has done in the past to the LGBT community.




Some Washington residents who disagree with Mike Pence's positions on gay rights are making their values known to their new neighbor.

Until he moves into the Naval Observatory after taking office, the vice president-elect is renting a $6,000-a-month home in Chevy Chase, a swanky neighborhood in the Northwest quadrant of the nation's capital.
    Some neighbors have put up rainbow flags since the Indiana governor moved in to protest what they call his anti-gay policy positions. The flag represents a symbol of pride in the LGBT community.
    Roughly half-dozen pride flags are outside of homes on the block where Pence lives and neighbors say more are on the way. –


    Will the message get across? 

    Will the Pence family give a care?

    Will the flags show that more than LGBTers care about LGBT rights?

    Christmas well be Red and Green and Orange and Yellow and Blue and Purple in Chevy Chase this year.






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