Pennsylvania & New Jersey Senators Urge LGBTQ Activists To Fight On

In many discussions I have had, people have brought up that they were amazed at the amount of people that attended the women's march, but their follow up question was "now what?"  As we have seen , the now what just so happened to be Trump filling US airports with protestors because of his ignorance of the law. 

With his most recent brain fart of banning certain individuals coming into the nation, Trump has truly embraced winter in 'Merika and snowballed more people into action against him.  Now what?  It seems that the now what is that Americans remain pissed off at their 10-day old leader.

Adding onto the recent occurrences of the Women's March in D.C. and this past week's Anti-Immigration Policy, U.S. Senators Bob Casey (D., Pa.) and Cory Booker (D., N.J.) gathered this Sunday at Square One Coffee on the ground floor of LGBT-friendly John C. Anderson Apartments for seniors in Center City, Philadelphia with LGBTQ community leaders.  There, they discussed the whole grass roots resistance against the new president and his harmful policies. Booker said grass  roots is important, but it must be done …


 while reaching out to potential Republican allies. [It's] the best way to fight any edicts from President Trump that would compromise or destroy their human rights. Booker told activists that they could not afford to set up dividing lines among themselves. “If you say you’re about women’s rights, you have to be about LGBT rights, too,” he said. –


We did see men marching with the women in DC, and we've seen every color of the rainbow and nationality come forward in the anti-immigration protests across the nation in our airports.  Do you feel that the Pride March planned for DC pride will have all our rainbow and everyone else's rainbow present?

More was shared by from the meeting, especially the talk about party lines and how they need to be crossed for there are people on both sides that are hurting. But it is as well crucial that we do keep an eye on party lines, especially in 2018.

Booker said had an epiphany during a visit in Newark, N.J., to Covenant House, which shelters homeless teens, when he realized that 40 percent of the youth there were LGBT; homelessness and LGBT issues were parts of the same societal problems.

Booker said that applied to party lines as well. “There are just as many gay Republicans as Democrats,” he said. “They just may not be out.”

Declaring that the sudden outpouring of engagement in public demonstrations shows that “everybody feels it right now,” he urged LGBTQ activists to “use your social media platforms as the antidote to Donald Trump tweeting.”

Booker said 25 Senate seats held by Democrats were up for re-election in 2018.  If the Democrats lost eight of those seats, he said, “the Republicans will have a filibuster-proof majority, and it’s over.  It’s all over.”

Booker said that with a filibuster-proof three-fifths majority, so-called “religious freedom bills,” which might allow businesses, religious groups, and state government workers to refuse to serve LGBT people, “would fly through.”

Booker urged the activists to donate money to their causes. “I don’t care if it’s one dollar,” he said. “Give some money to grassroots groups that help people.”


For more on what was said in Center City, Philadelphia this Sunday, head over to

Do you feel the not so silent minorities will be able to make change and fight back against the supposed majority?



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