Pentagon To Keep Ban On Flying Of Flags, Including The Rainbow Flag

A person waves a pride flag in front of the Supreme Court in Washington in 2020.PHOTO: NYTIMES

The United States Pentagon has decided to keep in effect a ban on the flying of flags at US Military installations, this ban includes the LGBTQ rainbow flag. The policy set by the disgraced, twice-impeached, one-term former President Trump limits the types of flags flown on bases. The Guardian reported

“In July 2020, Trump’s Pentagon issued a policy authorizing only certain flags on military installations and was seen as a way for then-defense secretary Mark Esper to issue a de facto ban on displaying the Confederate flag without it being mentioned specifically.”


LGBTQ activists were hoping for the Pentagon to make an exception this month in honor of Pride, but the Pentagon will not grant that exception. Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby told reporters,

“After some careful consideration, the department will maintain the existing policy from July of 2020 regarding the display or depiction of unofficial flags. There won’t be an exception made this month for the Pride flag.”  

Kirby also wanted the public to know that

“no way reflects any lack of respect or admiration for people [from] the LGBTQ+ community, the personnel in and out of uniform who serve in this department. We are proud of them.”


However, The White House did recently allow Pride flags to once again be flown at certain diplomatic embassies. In April Secretary of State Anthony Blinked reversed the ban enacted by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The Pentagon did not give further information about lifting the flag flying ban in the future.

Sources: The Guardian, The Hill, Overnight Defense


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  1. So exactly which flags are not allowed to be flown besides the racist bigoted Confederate flag? Any flag that has a history with promoting bigotry should be banned. Let the Pride flag fly.

  2. Fuck Trump! He is no longer around. Twice impeached and a traitor from the January insurrection, reverse his fucked up laws. The guy is mentally deranged and just this weekend was filmed with his pants on backwards. He is a worthless cunt.


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