People Are Taking Pics Of Their Cats In Abercrombie Bags And It’s Puuurrr-fectly Hilarious

Cats in Abercrombie Bags – Pinterest

I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. There are some days where I absolutely hate the internet. THIS is not one of those days. With all the dark, brash headlines that seem to plague us these days, we need some mindless laughter to help us get through it. ‘Cats in Abercrombie Bags’ delivers those laughs.

‘Cats in Abercrombie Bags’ is a thing, a really stupid thing, that cracks me up and I don’t know how it all began. Somehow though, in the past few months, Pinterest and Instagram have exploded with people placing their cats in Abercrombie shopping bags and taking snaps of just the cats head popping out atop the muscular headless torsos that famously adorn those homo-erotic bags.

It’s not something that requires much explanation, so I’ll stop now and let you enjoy one of the most silly, yet delightful things I’ve seen in a while.  I’m more of a dog person myself but I have the feeling this is funnier with felines.  Enjoy!

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