People’s Sexiest Man Alive – Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

We all have our own definition of sexy. Does "The Rock" fit your definition?

People Magazine has given us its vote for the Sexiest Man Alive and it is Mr. Dwayne Johnson.  DO you agree? Looking at him inside and out, I would say …


He’s a former WWE champ and now the highest-paid movie star in the world, but this year’s Sexiest Man Alive Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has his sights set on an even higher honor someday.

Sitting down in his beloved state of Hawaii for this year’s cover story, the 44-year-old superstar reveals he would seriously consider running for President of the United States.

“I used to say it jokingly but every time I was asked, it was with a real genuine interest. And it was very earnest,” he tells PEOPLE.

“And so I started to really think. Could I make a difference? Could I surround myself with really brilliant people to help me make decisions? Do I care about this country? And when the answers continued to come up yes, then I thought, there’s a good chance. Yeah, one day. Then we’ll do another interview like this.”

Of all the life lessons Johnson has learned over the years, he says that kindness is one of the most important.

“You have to be kind to people. I heard a quote when I was 15 years old, and I’ll never forget it: ‘It’s nice to be important but it’s more important to be nice,'” he adds.

“And when I heard that, I thought, ‘Well, maybe one day if I’m important, I want to remember that.’ Being kind and nice to people is the easiest thing that we can do.”

Aside from his millions of fans, the actor especially appreciates the love and support he’s found in his personal life with longtime girlfriend, singer/songwriter Lauren Hashian, 32, their 11-month-old daughter Jasmine, and his daughter Simone, 15, with ex-wife, producer Dany Garcia.

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“I’ve gotten to a place in my life where I’ve become a little bit experienced as a man and a father. I’ve gone through life’s ups and downs and relationships and marriage, divorce, but the overriding element is love and how important that is,” he says.

“I learned that when you love, you’ve got to love powerfully. So if I tell you I love you, I really love you. Even my friends, right now my guy friends are like, ‘Dude, no.’ I love you guys, too.”  – d



Thanks Ellen for this little tribute to The Rock from pebble to boulder.



And of course here's Dwayne with a little of his humor.



He is a sexy man in my mind.  Even if he didn't have the looks, there's still something sexy about his style, heart, and drive.  But the looks definitely help.

What are your thoughts?

Did get it right?




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  1. Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock)

    Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) seems like a truly decent human being. He loves his children and they are on his mind constantly. He always mentions them in interviews and seems genuinely pleased with his lot in life.  Congratulations to him for being chosen Sexiest Man of the Year. It goes to show that personality is, or should be, a top priority for this distinction.  Good for him!!!


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