Peppermint & Cazwell Partner Up Again Behind The Mic With A Twist!

Out rapper Cazwell and drag superstar Miss Peppermint have made magic behind the mic, on stage and in videos, but now they are announcing the launch of their exciting new podcast, It’s a Mess!  


Produced with ForeverDog Entertainment, their unique brand of advice show covers everything from how to tell your coworker their breath smells to how to get revenge on the boss that may have done you wrong. They will also be touching on serious topics like the rights of trans citizens (Peppermint is an outspoken trans actress, performer, and advocate) as well as gay adoption. On each episode, Peppermint and Cazwell will also be welcoming a guest to the podcast to get their views on the topics of the day. Expect to see guests like RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni Bob the Drag Queen and Willam reading listener questions and weighing in on the topics of the day. The forty five minute show is recorded in both Los Angeles and New York, with new episodes releasing every Thursday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and at

After being best friends for over twenty years, Cazwell and Peppermint partnering up to sit down and dish while we all listen in was almost pre-determined. “When I was just starting out as a rapper, I got booked for a gig at Tunnel in NYC and needed dancers. I was told to meet a drag queen named Peppermint on the lower Eastside. She was so sweet and helpful. I knew right then and there that we would become best friends.” The pair have united on several projects through the years, including a gay hip-hop party in New York called “Do the Right Thing” and several musical works, most notably the Blend EP. Blend allowed the friends to combine their music tastes and Cazwell even had the chance to write Peppermint a Trans Anthem that helped tell the story of her transition.



For more information on “It’s A Mess”, visit

New episodes come out every Thursday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and all popular podcast platforms.

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