Perez Hilton Breaks Down On Video After Being Fired From Dream Job

Screenshot: Youtube

Perez Hilton is going viral and it's not for a happy event.

Perez has been feeling down lately and fans noticed. The internet Blogger then recorded himself to explain what’s wrong.

It turns out that Perez Hilton had a job that he really loved, but sadly was fired from it. In the seven-minute video, Hilton failed to explain what type of job it was and stated he was too “professional” to share the details.

He explains that he lost the job because a higherup decided that “Perez Hilton did not deserve the opportunity.” He then went on to lament that he feels bad that people are continuing to punish him for his past when in fact he has grown and changed from the “Perez Hilton” we’ve all come to know.

He also noted that he felt sorry for the effect his past will have on his children, “And I’m sorry to my kids, because I know that when they get older they are going to have to suffer because of who their dad is.”

Now, some might be saying that Hilton is just seeking attention or a pity party, but Hilton says at the end of the video that he, “Just wanted to make this to release these feelings… this is like seeing a therapist. I believe there’s power in verbalizing your inner most thoughts or writing them down and I think this was a healing exercise for me.”

(Though, we do wonder why Perez felt the need to market the video through Instagram if it was just for personal healing).

You can check out the full video down below.


9 thoughts on “Perez Hilton Breaks Down On Video After Being Fired From Dream Job”

  1. Would have more credibility

    Would have more credibility if he mentioned the job he lost. 

    He says he has changed, but he hasn't changed. He needs to stop blaming his past for what is happening now or in the future.

    Just sounds like Perez the publicity whore as always looking for attention and validation. He had the job for 3 lousy weeks. 

  2.  “…too “professional” to

     "…too “professional” to share the details."

    "…he felt sorry for the effect his past will have on his children"


    Yet he creates a video and whines online. Like the little bitch he is. 

  3. I can’t feel sorry for this

    I can't feel sorry for this douchebag. He has made a living by destroying lives, Karma is finally giving him back what he deserves. 

  4. The narcissist is linking to

    The narcissist is linking to his FB every site that posts this pathetic video.  He's says he's sincere but it's just another attempt for exposure, a sad cry for relevancy.  He got what he's deserved, you can't esape your past.

  5. “Deserving” an opportunity is

    "Deserving" an opportunity is different from "earning" an opportunity. Perhaps your 14-years-ago self could have benefited from the present self that advises his children to be aware of family, industrious, empathetic, honest, healthy, thankful and light of heart. Yes, we all grow and change for the better (hopefully) but for many people, past behavior is an indicator of future behavior and clearly some of your past antics were a red flag for your ex-employer. Perhaps they were wrong about you. But would working with someone who truly isn't on your side and doesn't respect what you do worth it? Probably not. So it's probably best that this opportunity floated by. Have no fear: something else WILL come along. And regarding honesty: one can be honest without coming off as arrogant, demeaning or just plain mean. Perhaps a singular thought which combines all that you tell you children is The Golden Rule: treat others as you yourself would like to be treated. That pretty much covers everything.

  6. Well, unfortunately he works

    Well, unfortunately he works in a medium where your past never really leaves you. He clearly understands this and is taking accountability (so kudos for that). I have disagreed with Perez on many things, cringed at times as he contradicted himself. Let this be a reminder for all of us, that the things that you say and do have a lasting effect on how you are perceived. I am sure that all of us are guilty of saying some rather mean things. 

    Anyway, he is a father now and I hope that he is truly trying to better himself for the sake of his kids. They deserve a stable home, and for that I wish you well Perez. 


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