Perez Hilton Shades the Hell out of Kathy Griffin in New Video

Kathy Griffin's YouTube channel has become the new version of "spilling tea", as she has recently gone after many public figureheads including Andy Cohen, Anderson Cooper and Harvey Levin.  Actually, Andy has become a favorite of hers as she shaded him again recently.  Although all three men have remained quiet for the most part about what she has been alleging, one particular blogger isn't and it shouldn't come as a surprise as to who it is.

She uploaded a new video today called "State of the Union," where in the first minute of the video she admits she's lost her mind.  "I'm getting a lot of online hate from trolls who think I've lost my mind, and I'm admitting I lost my mind cuz it made me a star in the first place."

She then talks about (her pal) Lena Dunham sticking up for some male writer who was accused of sexual harassment, talking about her being on an official Hollywood "blacklist" (which she has spoken of many times before) and for people to not be too hard on her while she's on her worldwide tour.

She rambles on about more things, including not having one single paid gig at home, and her purpose in all this for helping younger women & LGBT folks out to see that you can still make it after all you've been through, however Perez Hilton thinks she should log off social media and get help based on his comment.

The top comment on the article reads, "Maybe you should stay off social media for a while, Kathy? You're coming off like Tyrese."  Her fans clearly didn't like that, and went after him really quickly.  The Tyrese reference is in reference to the R&B singer's very public custody battle for his daughter that he has spoken out about in several instances.

The full video is below.  Do you agree with Perez here, or is Kathy just doing her best to speak out?

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  1. Stop hogging the popcorn,

    Stop hogging the popcorn, whoever has it, and pass it along. This is more entertaining than Justice League.


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