Pete Buttigieg Talks His Presidential Run!

Pete Buttigieg Talks His Presidential Run!

The Ladies Of The View Weigh In On His Chances!

By now, you may know South Bend, Indiana’s Mayor, Pete Buttigieg, has put his hat into the ring to be the first openly gay presidential candidate in history! Buttigieg has qualifications we may look for in not only a stud, but also a candidate who can take on Donald Trump in the 2020 Election. He’s a Navy Veteran- deployed in Afghanistan, graduated from Harvard, and is a devoted Democratic husband. Yes, he’s married, so perhaps we may not be too far away from having the First Gentleman after all! God, the goodness of this is making me want to clutch my pearls in anticipation.

As with the majority of politicians, Buttigieg, 37, made his way over to The View to sit with the co-hosts and discuss why he believes America will favor him compared to the many other Democrats piling into the presidential bid. He shares his love for his hometown in Indiana and wants everyone to know the Midwest is not a backwards place in America (AKA Trump Country). This is literally proven, since Indiana typically is a red state, however, one of the mayors of their biggest cities is gay! About beating Trump, he tells:

“I think people are looking for something entirely new. [Trump] was that, and it’s how he succeeded. It looked like my party, the Democratic party, we’re the ones saying the system was fine. People voted for him to burn the house down, because the system let them down. We need bold ideas and a different perspective. My generation provided most of the troops after September 11th, that grew up with school shootings as the norm, the generation who has to pay the bill for the tax policies right now, and living through the impact of climate change. [I] have a different sense of urgency around some of the issues, because they aren’t someone else’s problem. They are problem.”

Joy Behar managed to not insult Trump for a moment and released a serious question to Buttigieg. She asked if he thinks America is ready for a gay president. He simply says:

“There’s only one way to find out!”







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The rest of the women on The View were rather mild interacting with him compared to the other possible presidential candidates they’ve had recently. Sunny Hostin was relaxed, Meghan McCain was surprisingly supportive, likely of his military background- even going so far as to say she likes him. But there’s always one person who is sitting at that table make us eye roll. During Buttigieg’s interview, that person was Whoopi Goldberg. She seemingly insisted that Buttigieg is too young to become president and wanted him to focus on women’s rights – or something? Her point was very weird – I think she was inferring she’d rather a female president than a gay male president.

After watching the interview, admittedly the first I’ve ever seen of Buttigieg, I must say I’m impressed. He’s incredibly charming, wickedly handsome, and supremely likeable. Seriously, this is the first person I’d be hitting on at a bar or a dating application. Do I think he’ll win the Democratic primary and go head-to-head against Trump? Absolutely not. How lovely that David versus Goliath story would be for a gay man to take down the reigning President, but it’s just not realistic.

You’ve got to check out Buttigieg’s full interview on The View, and listen closely to hear Goldberg’s comments rallying against him:



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