Pete Buttigieg Voices Support For Peaceful Protest on Fox News Sunday

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg goes on ‘Fox News Sunday’ and schools host Mike Emanuel on the First Amendment. (Photo Credit: Screenshot from video via Fox News Official YouTube Channel)

Pete Buttigieg has once again shown he has no problem telling it like it is when appearing on Fox News.  The transportation secretary appeared on Fox News Sunday on July 10 to talk about the ongoing problem of airlines canceling flights, and what is being done to rectify the issue.  Buttigieg explained:

“A lot of passengers have experienced frustrations, including me and millions of other Americans. Now, we’ve seen some improvement over the course of the summer, but still not at an acceptable level in terms of performance, cancellation, and delays, so here’s what we’re doing about it. We’ll collaborate with airlines when they’re ready to take steps that are positive and proactive. Whether that’s improvements in pay that are helping with hiring or flexibility in customer service. We’re also going to enforce passenger and consumer rights. This is not new for us, in fact, it was last year that I announced the stiffest fines ever posed under our consumer protection program for airlines that were failing to provide refunds to passengers after they got stuck with cancellations.”


Near the end of Buttigieg’s appearance on Fox News Sunday, host Mike Emanuel brought up a tweet Secretary Buttigieg’s husband, Chasten posted regarding protestors showing up at Morton’s Steakhouse in Washington D.C. to protest Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh on Wednesday evening.

After Emanuel questioned Buttigieg on if his husband’s tweet was appropriate, the Transportation Secretary answered with the perfect response:


“Look, when public officials go into public life, we should expect two things: 1. You should always be free from violence, harassment, and intimidation, and 2. You’re never going to be free from criticism or peaceful protest, people exercising their first amendment rights. And that’s what happened in this case. Remember, the justice never even came into contact with these protestors. Reportedly, (Kavanaugh) didn’t see or hear them. And these protestors are upset because a right, an important right that the majority of Americans support, was taken away.”

Buttigieg also pointed out the protestors were peacefully protesting unlike a mob that was “summoned by the former president” in an attempt to overturn the 2020 election, and as Buttigieg extrapolated about the January 6 riot, Emanuel was trying, in vain, from letting the Transportation Secretary bring up this subject. After Buttigieg finished speaking, Emanuel posed the question if Buttigieg was comfortable if protestors protesting when he and Chasten were going to dinner at a restaurant. Buttigieg coolly replied:

“Protesting peacefully outside in a public space? Sure! Look, I cannot even tell you the number of spaces, venues, and scenarios where I have been protested, and the bottom line is this, any public figure should always, always, be free from violence, intimidation, and harassment, but should never be free from criticism or people exercising their first amendment rights.”

Many on Twitter praised Buttigieg for how he handled Emanuel.





The video of Buttigieg on Fox News Sunday can be seen below. The exchange on Chasten’s tweet begins at 7:05.


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