Pete Davidson Backs Up Claims That He’s Hung

Did Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson just confirm that he's got a big ole wang?


Here is a brief timeline of sorts that has gotten us to this (big) point today:

  • Pete went from being a somewhat known TV star to the name on everyone's lips when he started dating Ariana Grande last month (they are now engaged).
  • Porn star Blake Mitchell hypothesized about how big he truly in in the pants region, guessing that he's about 9 inches.
  • Then Ariana pretty much confirmed that he's packing on Twitter a couple of days ago. She guessed he was a little bigger than what Blake thought: 10 inches. Wow. 
  • Let's not forget the photo of him leaving their apartment that could potentially big his big phone case or something else (wink wink)

Pete looks to have put all the rumors about his size to rest, as he posted a screenshot from another publication with the title "You Know He Got That Big D**k Energy." 

Case closed. 

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