Petition To Revamp Splash Mountain Gains Momentum

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Could A Change In Disney’s Splash Mountain Attraction Unite Most Opinions For Progressive Growth?

While the Disneyland/Disney World parks have been in shut down for awhile (jeez that’s going to be a lot of dusting), we can at least look forward to them being back up and running sometime soon. Some may go for the food, the Instagramable photo opportunities, and to see their favorite character in real life, but let’s be honest – most of us go for the family friendly rides. Perhaps their most popular attraction is Splash Mountain – a water ride that takes you through Georgia in seemingly the 1940s – based on the film Song of the South. While some may label the film a classic, there’s no way anyone cannot deny there’s a mishandling of race issues and particularly insulting to African Americans. Among racially charged divides and conversations going on today, Disney’s most thrilling ride has been targeted as a need to change.


According to CNN, a slew of Disney fans are petitioning for Splash Mountain to be re-themed from Song of the South to Princess and the Frog. Princess and the Frog – a severely underrated movie – was the last 2D, classic Disney animation we’d see since Pixar completely took over with its more up-to-date technology. Not only does Princess give us the throwback vibes of the our princess classics, it features Disney’s first African American Princess, Tiana. If you’ve seen the film, you already know Tiana lives in New Orleans, has dreams of becoming a restaurant owner, but is transformed into a frog and must escape the dangers of a voodoo bokor and the Louisiana bayou. It’s a fun film with a lot of action – and one that could absolutely easily be envisioned within the current Splash Mountain, just as thrilling as the scenery in the current version of the attraction, and possibly better. Also, the inclusion of Tiana into the Disney theme parks is kind of a win-win all around. Perhaps they’ll consider bringing New Orleans to the theme park as well – who doesn’t want to feel like any day could be Mardi Gras?!

One Disneyland California worker actually broke down exactly how the ride could be reimagined with the current format in a long Twitter thread. The worker claims he has been trying to retune the ride into Princess and the Frog for years. Seriously, no joke – this guy has actively put a lot of thought into it. Check out his proposal below:


This overdue rehashing seems rather smart, don’t you think?

Do you support Splash Mountain being revitalized into something new and fresh?

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1 thought on “Petition To Revamp Splash Mountain Gains Momentum”

  1. Personally I am all for Tiana getting a ride. She is long overdue for more representation in the parks and FOR YEARS has gotten the short end of the stick. I go 5-7 times a year to WDW and I always make a point to see if Tiana is being represented by someone of African heritage or not.. sadly it’s hit or miss. One pic I have is a woman who is clearly Filipino portraying Tiana. So despite the fact that she is a (currently) permanent figure in the Princess Fairytale Hall, there needs to be more.

    The only two Princesses of color who has even less representation are Pocahontas and Moana.. Pocahontas doesn’t even get her own photographer.. so better have your own phone if you want a pic with her.. Moana isn’t even a regular character. I have seen her once during a Halloween Party.

    I am not for doing away with Splash Mountain though. The ride deviates from the original story and no longer includes the disgusting tar baby references and is a classic at both WDW and DL. I have loved that drop into the briar patch ever since I was a child and that drop alone makes every trip worth it for me.


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