Phew! André Lamoglia is Picturesque Perfection!

Photo Credit: Netflix

Book me a one-way flight to Brazil. I have a very specific site to see.

Having completed principal photography on Elite’s seventh and final season, 25-year-old actor André Lamoglia is enjoying an extended vacation in his home country. Most recently, he shared personal photos to Instagram and Twitter showcasing his adventures with friends, beautiful landscapes and the drool-worthy canvas that is his body. I’m sure the locals in Fernando de Noronha have enjoyed the show!


Let’s take a look, shall we?


Having found fame in 2017 on Disney Channel’s Juacus, André earned international stardom when he joined Netflix drama Elite during the show’s fifth season in 2022. He plays Ivan, the only child of a professional football player and socialite, albeit one with a tremendous addiction problem. Although Ivan’s storyline with Patrick (played by Manu Rios) set television screens ablaze, it was his tender heart, loyalty and struggle to leave his father’s shadow that really made Ivan a standout character.

In my opinion, writers did him dirty last season. I’m looking forward to a redemption arc in season seven! With the show ending sometime this year, André is going to test the waters – pun somewhat intended – while he looks for his next big role. I wish him the best of the luck in his upcoming television roles, but I don’t think he’s going to need it!

God… What a good-looking man…

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