Phillippe’s Original Post Included Gay Emoji

Ryan Phillippe raised some eyebrows with this holiday photo captioned "Merry Christmas from our house to yours"
Ryan Phillippe (R) wrote ‘Merry Christmas from our house to yours’ (screen capture)

Actor Ryan Phillippe raised some eyebrows over the holiday weekend when he posted a photo with his friend Matt Sinn looking comfy and cozy by the Christmas tree with the caption “Merry Christmas from our house to yours.”

Ryan Phillippe is getting dragged for posting what appeared to be a cozy 'coming out' photo on Instagram.
(screen capture via Instagram)

It was apparently a ‘joke’ or ‘spoof’ on being gay/coming out.

Sinn seemed to egg the joke on sharing another pic of the two on his Instagram Story with the caption, “He love me.” But then, he returned to clarify that Phillippe “didn’t come out” as he shared a photo of “the girlfriends” snapped in the same pose and the guys.

Matt Sinn shared a photo with his pal Ryan Phillippe from Christmas with the caption "He love me." Fans thought Phillippe had come out of the closet.
(screen capture via Instagram)
Ryan Phillippe's girlfriend and her friend posed for a photo to "prove" Ryan Phillippe hadn't just come out.
(screen capture via Instagram)

It’s not unreasonable for people to believe there was something behind the post as the holidays are a popular time for some LGBTQ peeps to come out or share romantic partners for the first time.

Plus, it’s worth noting that the original caption also included an emoji of two guys holding hands. So it’s pretty clear there was some kind of “gay ha-ha” in mind when he posted the pic. It appears when the joke went awry, Phillippe removed the emoji.

(screen capture via Instagram)

But Phillippe returned to his own post responding to the reactions writing, “people r so dumb.”

Some followers commented that joking about being gay and then ‘proving’ you’re not by posting a pic of the girlfriends is kinda homophobic.

One Instagram user wrote, “Why would you say that? You post a pic of you and another dude cozy and that caption..what are people supposed to think?”

“Do you know how many lgbt people are not allowed to go home on Christmas?” added another commenter. “How many are disowned by their family? How many commit suicide every year? How many are homeless? Christmas can be one of the most difficult times for LGBT people and you make a joke about being gay. You can completely frack off. I hope your children will never face the horror that some of us have.”

It wasn’t just a few people that didn’t get the ‘joke.’ Some folks really thought Phillippe had come out, others thought it was not cute.

10 thoughts on “Phillippe’s Original Post Included Gay Emoji”

  1. People like him for his ass and not for his ‘acting”. Good for Reese having to get out and go off!! Haha, that’s a joke Ryan, only, it’s not!

  2. i felt like this was a joke on the bromance and promoting their friendship to each other and not directly on us gays. and while posting their GFs(coz straight people are just down right obvious) perioddddddd

  3. it’s 2021 so maybe he likes a little man on man now and then with his buddy ,on the down low of course. So he’s testing the water on his way to pansexuality or sexual fluidity.

  4. Disappointed by your actions Ryan. You played a groundbreaking gay teen on a soap years ago.

    Hope you are having a great holiday ♥

  5. It makes me laugh to see that people are riled up about this. He doesn’t get the offense, and he won’t. He’s your typical hot jock from the 90’s.

    This kind of pic sent over the Internet as a “haha” is a classic misstep for these clowns. Giving more visibility only gains HIM press coverage and the opportunity for an “I’m so sorry” post on his insta. Or maybe that’s the point? Maybe we’re catering to the jock gays on here who need so badly a reason to love a weak, poor excuse for a man like Ryan Phillipe.

    Either way…. I hope the extra visibility didn’t hurt any more young LGBT people this week

  6. If Ryan wants to have a boyfriend or girlfriend, who cares. Its not our business. But I would not throw him out of my bed for eating cake. Eat away Ryan, eat away…..

  7. Poor Ryan I guess the only fan base he can hold onto are the gay men who enjoyed his earlier movies. Can’t think of any of his popular movies that he didn’t show his ass. Like his ass got the role. Happy times Ryan….

  8. Well, Ryan Philipe, according to you, “people r so dumb,” but according to me, some celebrities are A-holes. Look at yourself, covered in tattoos and thinking you’re hot stuff. I think people who cover themselves in tattoos obviously suffer from poor self-esteem. Furthermore, you’re on my list of “why do they have a career?” I avoid your movies, because I don’t think you can act, either.


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