Philly Gay-Bashing Victims File Civil Lawsuit Against 3 Assailants


There are some stories where we say, really? Aren't we done with these people?

This story needs to continue for many of us, including me, feel that justice was not served.  In a case that makes me think about affluenza and people feeling they don't know better or were never taught proper common sense, fairness and human decency were left out.


The gay couple beaten two years ago in Center City by Kathryn Knott and two other Bucks County residents is suing their attackers for damages.

Andrew Haught and Zachary Hesse filed an assault and battery lawsuit Tuesday in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas against Knott, Kevin Harrigan and Philip Williams. The couple seeks more than $500,000 from a total of 10 counts against the three defendants.

Haught was knocked unconscious and needed his broken jaw wired shut for several weeks after the trio confronted the couple at 16th and Chancellors streets on Sept. 11, 2014. Hesse sustained minor bruises to his face. The victims previously testified that they also were subjected to a slew of homophobic slurs.

The criminal cases against each of the defendants have concluded.

Harrigan and Williams accepted plea deals that sentenced them to probation and community service at an LGBT center.

Knott opted to face trial and was found guilty of simple assault, conspiracy to commit simple assault and two counts of reckless endangerment. She was sentenced in February to 5-to-10 months in prison, two years of probation and a $2,000 fine.

The allegations listed in the lawsuit reflect the testimony Haught and Hesse gave during Knott's trial in December.

The couple claims Harrigan shouted a homophobic slur toward Hesse before pushing him and striking him in the face. Other members of Harrigan's group then held Hesse as he was struck repeatedly, including by Knott, the lawsuit alleges.

Williams later punched a defenseless Haught multiple times in the face, knocking him unconscious, the lawsuit states. The group fled while Haught lay bleeding and motionless on the ground.

In addition to their physical injuries, the lawsuit claims Haught and Hesse each sustained psychological injury, emotional distress, mental anguish, humiliation and embarrassment. Haught also lost wages and incurred the cost of medical expenses. –

I am not sure $500,000 is enough, but then again, what is the right number?  Let's say each assailant makes $50k a year, that's only 3 1/3 years' salary a piece while the defendants need to live with the mental, emotional, and physical damages the mob inflicted.  Then again, there was a mob, why doesn't the civil case go after more than just these three?

We wish you guys the best recovery possible.  No amount of money can heal the internal scars, but know that you and Philly are still in our thoughts.


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