Photographer Fred Goudon Shoots The Firefighters of France: Pics

Credit: Fred Goudon

Your winter is about to get so much hotter thanks to cherished photographer Fred Goudon who has put together an amazing book that focuses strictly on the gorgeous firefighters of his home country.

On Fire: The Firefighters of France, which will be released on February 16, features a variety of absolutely stunning specimens who put their life on the line for people every single day all while looking fine as hell in the process.

Credit: Fred Goudon

And the photos he features goes beyond these men posing in and out of their daily uniforms. You also get to see them playing sports, playing around with each other and even showing off their enviable backside as the book continues. Wee wee! 

Fred chatted with us on how this idea came together and why it should be on your pre-order list asap in our exclusive chat with him. 

Credit: Fred Goudon

You’ve worked with all kinds of people including major international celebrities like Gilles Marini. What inspired you to do a book strictly about firefighters? 

I’ve always felt a huge inspiration towards firefighters. They truly are modern day heroes. The On Fire book is also my way of thanking them for putting their lives at risk every day. 

How did you go about finding these men? Were all of them receptive to participating? 

It all started with a very positive reaction of a young firefighter that I did not know. I had met him through social media. He trusted my with my idea of a calendar filled with very sexy firefighters pictures as a way to honor them. And then, by word of mouth, many firemen wanted to be a part of this calendar. And now I am spoiled with choice.

Credit: Fred Goudon

Was it difficult for them to pose practically naked during their shoots? 

No, because I taught them how to do it and we had talked a lot about it beforehand with those who were mostly shy. That said, firefighters, especially French firefighters, are not very prude. They have great bodies because their job requires to workout a lot and always be in great shape so they gladly let people see their sharp abs. 

Did you have a favorite shoot or model, and if so why?  

Life sometimes offers you beautiful encounters and I am lucky enough to have received quite a lot of great ones throughout my shootings of the firefighters calendars. Some firemen have become very close friends of mine. And I really enjoy shooting my friends. 

Credit: Fred Goudon

Were any of them part of the LGBTQ community?  

I think that some of them are probably part of the LGBTQ community but because of personal reasons they do not come out or cannot come out. 

Would you make another with a different profession in mind or do this all again in the upcoming years? 

I have already explore different professions, like sportsmen or farmers, and I really enjoyed doing so. I would gladly make another with a different profession but I will definitely continue to photograph firefighters because they hold a special place in my heart. I have much admiration and respect for them. 

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