Piers Morgan Quits Good Morning Britain

Image via YouTube | Piers and Alex Clash Over Prince Harry and Meghan’s Accusations of Racism | Good Morning Britain

Following Seemingly Getting #Canceled Over His Markle Commentary, Morgan Quits GMB

On Sunday evening, world renowned talk show host and overall iconic personality, Oprah Winfrey, had an exclusive, groundbreaking interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It’s been the hottest topic of probably the year so far and has been sparking many social media users to declare their opinion on the married couple’s comments on why they left the Royal Palace and made a move to Los Angeles in the United States. They discussed blatant racism within the royal hierarchy, Markle’s thoughts of suicide due to her treatment from the Royal Family, and simply, they didn’t feel comfortable enough to fall in line with tradition and wanted to move on to be their authentic selves. A lot of tea was spilled and it’s causing an absolute ruckus in the States and especially across the pond. Queen Elizabeth has finally made a statement that, as expected, the family will be handling the backlash from the interview internally and privately. However, some people chose to not keep their opinions to themselves and it isn’t ending well for a few.


According to Variety, Piers Morgan is one of the unlucky people who got #canceled by social media and has quit his job at Good Morning Britain (GMB) after publicly ranting his distain for Markle and demanded Prince Harry and Markle be more transparent with their answers. While he wanted to clear up his thoughts on taking mental health seriously, he was still firm that he is uncertain if Markle shared the truth during her interview. One of his co-workers at GMB, weatherman Alex Beresford, challenged Morgan’s commentary and called him ‘diabolical’. Beresford’s statements cause Morgan to storm off his set, on live television, and just a few hours later Morgan has decided to quit his position as talk show host.

Perhaps taking a page out of his friend, Donald Trump’s playbook (Morgan won a season of the Celebrity Apprentice in 2008)– Morgan took to his Twitter to announce that he is the reason GMB had its highest rated show due to his commentary that a silent majority agree with. In a span of a few hours, he managed to scold actress Ellen Barkin, referenced a preference to dying of passion than boredom, and declared that he is indeed canceled and doesn’t care. It can be certain this won’t be the last of Morgan we’ll be seeing or hearing this week. Stay tuned for more to come.


Morgan isn’t the only one who social media has lit their torches for. Megyn Kelly was trending for almost forty-eight hours after she blasted Markle for falsifying being a victim. Her many comments are not sitting well with Twitter users, but Kelly has never veered away from controversial attention. Staunch Republican, Candace Owens, also threw her hat in the ring and is virtually claiming Prince Harry is being manipulated for Markle’s gain in a long series of tweets – but at this point, Owens appears to be uncancelable as she soaks in the rage she inserts into others.

Check out their tweets that started a firestorm below:


Do you believe Morgan is better off commenting on social media rather than a global platform? Check out him storming off of set in the fourteen minute clip below:

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Source: Variety

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