Pietro Boselli’s Gave Lectures On Love?

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Pietro Boselli is giving lessons on love, chemistry, and science?

In 2016, Pietro Boselli blossomed on the internet. While teaching math at University College London, Boselli’s students took pictures of him. Those glamorous lecture photos skyrocketed Boselli’s popularity. He then became a massively successful model, who’s worked with brands like Armani and Calvin Klein, and social media personality. The 33-year-old now boasts a solid 2.7 million followers on Instagram.


But now, Boselli hasn’t fully left the teaching role. In fact he’s used his social media to take teaching to a new height, according to the Mirror.

Specifically, Pietro Boselli released videos in a series called “In Depth” last December. The “In Depth” series shows Boselli answering his most frequent questions and questions that interest him. For instance, the professor covered topics like research findings and how most of them turn out to be wrong, how the scientific method is not what you think, how to not care about what others think. Boselli’s most recent “In Depth” discussion even talked about the science behind love.


Uploaded through IGTV, Boselli spent around 30 minutes talking about “What is Love and the Chemistry of Love.” In one part of the lecture, Boselli compared love to baking a chocolate cake. In this metaphor, lust, attraction, and attachment are essentially the sponge, filing, and icing of the cake. This creates the primary motivational system that is love.

“Attraction and lust are separate but they go into the overall making of love – I’m just describing the most classic cake recipe here,” he explained.


The man with a mechanical engineering PhD noted that he did not mean to be cold to talk about love from a scientific standpoint. Instead, he argued that “we pursue knowledge undeterred and always come out better off.”

If you’re interested to hear more, you can check out the full lecture on his Instagram page.

Source: The Mirror,

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