Pilot Uses Grindr To Flirt With Passenger In Flight!

Pilot Uses Grindr To Flirt With Passenger In Flight!


We May Need To Fly Delta Airlines More Often!

The friendly skies, eh? Many are anticipating their upcoming holiday travels. I am making my journey back to the Midwest and always have severe anxiety before stepping onto a plane. It’s the whole, unnatural feeling of it all, but some relaxation does come along. From my experience, the easiest way to get my mind off the fact that I’m traveling in a steel coffin through the air is some eye candy. I’ve had the pleasure of being served by some hot, flamboyant flight attendants and been seated next to some hunky, yet flatulent, passengers, but never have I ever had a super sexy Pilot! It turns out that I may just have to connect to the airplane’s WiFi in order to find one.

According to The New York Post, JP Thorn, a Delta Airlines passenger, claims his Pilot was using Grindr to hit on him- while in flight! Thorn, 27, (quite a cutie I might add), detailed his surprise to see the Grindr notification from a photo of a cockpit upon landing.

“The message read ‘I see you’re on my flight. Enjoy the ride to Chicago.’ My reaction was I knew I needed to get off this plane as fast as I can. I’ve had some weird experiences with proximity stuff on Grindr. He asked me about our flight, how it was on the way, and [the conversation] was really standard. I said there was no turbulence, then he made a joke about turbulence. I meet up with people all the time from Grindr. I think I totally would have met him for coffee.”


Thorn posted a screenshot of the Pilot’s introduction message to social media. Where, of course, it gained traction and came across my radar. Check out the tweet below:



Let’s hope this Pilot isn’t punished for Thorn’s lack of secrecy, but in all reality: Perhaps Pilots should not be worrying how to contact hot piece of ass on their plane until after they, you know, arrive safely to their destination? Personally speaking, I would’ve continued speaking with the Pilot in hopes of landing a buddy pass or something! Oh, the possibilities! But, in reality, we can all guess the Pilot was possibly trying to get his rocks off overnight before he took off to another destination.

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  1. What an asshole. Was it

    What an asshole. Was it necessary to post everything on Twitter? The pilot did nothing wrong. This kid had better never cross my path. 


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