Pink – Story of My Life in New Video … with Cher and Judith Light!

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What’s your favorite color? If we are talking music and pop icons I hope you answered Pink! On Friday, May 7th Pink released the video for her latest single, “All I Know so Far,” and it is nothing short of epic. Reminiscent of past videos for songs like “Family Portrait,” and “Perfect,” the video tells the story of Pink’s life – if she lived in both a fairy tale and dystopian centered-world.

The video, directed by longtime Pink collaborator Dave Meyers marks their 16th time working together. Meyers directed past visually stunning videos including “Just Like Fire,” “Funhouse,” “Stupid Girls,” and “U + UR Hand.” Meyers told Variety


The saga of me and Pink is very long and it is very rewarding, we are so close. I have the longest stretch of my career with her so there’s always been a kind of brother/sister relationship that we’ve had. The beauty of where Pink and I are now is really the culmination of 22 years of friendship. In this video, I am trying to capture the full breadth of who she is, where she has been and the troubled youth that’s evolved into this idea of the power of community. It is where we are in the world right now and displays the idea that we really need each other.”

The video begins with a nod to “The Princess Bride” as Pink begins to tell her daughter Willow a bedtime story. The story she tells turns out to be a rhyming tale of Pink’s turbulent teenage years. Pink’s mother is played by longtime LGBTQ ally and two-time Tony award winner Judith Light.

“She had no direction / She was so stressed / All she knew was / that she didn’t want to be like the rest.”

Pink then falls through the sky into a fantasy world complete with giants, floating eyeballs, and a mythical God-like figure in the sky played by – wait for it – CHER! 


“I wish someone would have told me this life was ours to choose / No one is handing you the keys or a book with all the rules.”

Husband Carey Hart and son James also appear in the video. In one scene, Pink encounters a group of men who she yells at, causing them to lose their hair and disappear, yet Hart remains intact. They then board a ship – the “SS FUCK OFF!” – and set sail. Pink and Hart stand at the front of the ship like Rose and Jack in “Titanic.” Son James appears in the scene of Pink pushing a car up a hill with Hart and Willow also in the car.

The female-empowering video also includes a scene of a long-haired Pink joined by women of all different ages, sizes and ethnicities dancing together, forming a human chain in a field.


“Stay unfiltered and loud you will proud of that skin you are in full of scars”

The video seemingly ends on a happy and peaceful moment as Pink and Judith Light hug, with tears in their eyes before cutting to the final scene of Pink and her daughter being obliterated in a nuclear explosion. 

“I will be with you until the world blows up.”

“All I Know So Far” an Amazon original movie will be released on May 21. 

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