Pissi Myles Finds Her Funny In A Beyond Revealing TEDx Talk

“If you take something that is scary and you find the funny in it, it takes its power away”-Pissi Myles

if you have ever had the privilege of seeing drag queen Pissi Myles perform on stage, you know that comedy and hilarity are two of the top skills in her wheelhouse. Whether she is roaring through her original material or killing a lip sync, Myles always zeroes in on the funny and has the rare quality of captivating her audience immediately and bringing them on a consistently wild and hilarious ride. The Pissi Myles that had the privilege of delivering this Tedx Talk has the same trademark wit, but brings a great deal of heart along with it, and gives us a revealing look at the performer herself.


At the onset of her Talk, Myles discloses her mother’s very personal struggle with alcoholism and the death of her mother when Myles herself was twenty seven. Throughout the Talk, Myles tells very personal tales of how her mother has influenced her life and career, as well as how the type of humor that she delivers is able to provide people with the ability to laugh when faced with even the darkest of circumstances. She is able to deliver her message with her signature wit, and even the “bluest” of jokes are delivered with a clear message; find the funny. 

Telling her coming out story and showcasing the legacy of what both her dearly departed mother and “booming voiced” father is helping shine an even brighter light on Myles than before, Not only do we know this performer as one of the premier comedy queens working in the game today, but now we now know what helped this performer find her passion and bring that funny to the masses. 

Art Courtesy of Pissi Myles (Facebook)

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