Pittsburgh Bans Conversion Therapy. First City In PA To Do So

The list is small, but we do see some U.S. states have banned conversion therapy within their borders.  California, Illinois, New Jersey, Oregon, and Vermont are the ones looking out for our LGBT youth and Washington, D.C. all have banned conversion therapy. 

One of the last times we reported on progressive conversion therapy legislation was when we shared the Victory In Seattle. City Council Unanimously Bans Gay Conversion Therapy.  We concluded that blog by saying, "Thank you Seattle for doing the right thing.  Cincinnati and Miami Beach did so in December 2015 and June 2016 respectively.  Who's next?"  We found who was next, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


In a move that’s sure to upset more than a few right-wing politicians (hi, Mike Pence), Pittsburgh has banned conversion therapy, becoming the first city in Pennsylvania to do so. Specifically, the bill bans conversion therapy for children and teenagers 18 and under. While a blanket ban would have been nice to see, this bill is certainly nothing to sneeze at, to be sure.

Such therapy has been condemned by the American Psychiatric Association, along with numerous other organizations. Statistics show that people who undergo or are subjected to conversion therapy are more likely to attempt suicide in their lifetimes–likely due to the fact that they’re forced to believe they’re somehow broken or need to otherwise be “fixed” because of their sexual orientation or gender identity (hence why it’s often referred to as “reparative therapy”).

In the face of such statistics, it’s good to see that Pittsburg bill passed city council in a unanimous vote, and Mayor Bill Peduto has already promised to sign the bill into legislation. – themarysue.com


We love it when things go unanimously our way!  Should this be a sign if educated individuals in cities like Seattle and Pittsburgh are voting unanimously to ban conversion therapy, shouldn't we move this forward in other cities?

Let's go "ladies, gentlemen and those who have yet to make up your minds." We can get this done!


h/t:  themarysue.com

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