‘Platonic’s Luke Macfarlane Opens Up About Portraying Straight Roles

Back in June, Luke Macfarlane introduced his beautiful newborn daughter Tess Eleanor Macfarlane to the world, and him and his partner couldn’t be happier about welcoming their baby girl. <3

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In a new interview with Out, the 43-year-old Canadian-American actor opened up about portraying straight roles as an openly gay actor. Macfarlane is starring alongside Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen in Apple TV+’s ‘Platonic’ series.

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In the show, he is playing the role of a straight man who is Sylvia’s (Byrne) husband and father to their children. The ‘Bros’ actor shared his experience in portraying straight characters, stating:

“I think, like so many actors, I’m just looking for the next job. The best I can do for myself is make sure the people who I’m working with at the moment really like you because they become your advocates.”

“It really begins with people in positions of power giving you the opportunity. All we can continue to do is when people find themselves in positions of power, they use it to create opportunities and say, ‘Yes, this openly gay actor can play a straight character,'” he further expressed.

(c) Instagram: @ten_minutes_younger

Moreover, Macfarlane touched on the topic of ideal wedding themes, which he revealed:

“If I were to have a wedding, the theme would be ‘Wilderness Destination.’ I have this idea where everybody would get on a plane and we would fly to Alaska, have a beautiful wedding somewhere very remote, get back on the plane, and take you home.”

He further noted that there would be no cameras allowed, as there are certain things that should be kept private.

“We have so few opportunities to be private nowadays. My generation was writing their secret thoughts in a journal and they would lock it with a key and hide it. Now our secret thoughts are very public all the time, so it’s important to keep some things private,” the ‘Platonic’ star explained.

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