Players Celebrate Run by Grabbing Each Other’s ‘Baseballs’

The Texas Rangers lost to the Los Angeles Angels (Anaheim) 2-7 on Sunday. And while fans might have been disappointed, they might have been tickled to see two star players sharing a brotherly love moment on the field.

Joey Gallo and Nomar Mazara, who have played together for four seasons according to Deadspin, showed at Sunday’s game just how close they are as teammates.

After Gallo hit a two-run homer to bring in Mazara, the teammates celebrated with a little handshake dance that ends with a little crotch grab. And Gallo is gripping a handful of Mazara!

Screenshot | Twitter

Jeezus! The hypermasculinity is making me sweat!

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Sadly, it was the only action the Rangers got the whole game as it happened during the second inning and the Angels came back with a vengeance and scored seven runs on them.

Surprisingly, Angels player Mike Trout is out for a few games after a groin injury this week. Grabbing too many baseballs?

See? Sports can be fun! No wonder it’s America’s Favorite Pastime.

Check it out:

H/T: Deadspin, Los Angeles Times

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