‘Playground Bully’ Video Hits The Web.

Not only did Debra Messing star in the  Brand New 'Will & Grace' Scene On 2016 Election we shared last week, she is as well spreading the "Dump Trump" message on her twitter account.

We often would question Grace's motives, but this time it is pretty clear why she is sharing this tweet.  Like Saturday Night Live did with their spot on debate skit with Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin playing the presidential hopefuls, we feel that many stars will be making their voices heard this October in regard to who should be the next President of the United States. 

If you go to Patriotic Artists & Creatives PAC, you may see that the only video there so far is the one below, "Playground Bully."





It was funny to watch at first, then I was a little uncomfortable toward the end.

Thoughts?  I am sure there will be negative and positive ones flying our way soon.

The video didn't have the Trump-like child say anything about LGBT issues, but then again, has Trump really said anything?  Do we fully know what side of the waffle he is on now? 

Do you think Patriotic Artists & Creatives PAC will do an anti-Clinton video, too?


h/t: Patriotic Artists & Creatives PAC

What do you think?