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Actor Nico Tortorella took to his Instagram to show off some brand new ink he got. And let’s just say the new ink must have taken HOURS as it is quite long. 


The Younger actor captioned the Instagram photo saying,

ok y’all, we’ve transcended. the next level is upon us. this feels right. i somehow found @fcknrx at this necessary moment. their work is mind blowing and our conversations yesterday were equally as healing. thank you for taking on this project. and thank you for reminding me that growth and decay are inevitably one in the same. i am not going to explain what this tattoo means to me. instead i am going to leave you with a quote from the artist from a recent interview.

The tattoo artist also displayed photos of Tortorella among others on their Instagram page.



As first reported in People magazine,

The new tattoo begins with a thin black line at Tortorella’s hairline, which then grows into a thicker, abstract design in between their shoulder blades. As the tattoo continues down Tortorella’s body, it morphs into multiple delicate lines, which carry from their hip down to the back of their leg before forming a solid black cross on their calf. Tortorella’s new addition then blends into another artwork on their leg and ends with a singular line that stops at their heel. 

Tortorella also posted to his Instagram story proudly showing off his new ink and tagging their spouse, who has a similar line tattoo.


“Inspired by the one and only @bethanycmeyers”

I stan hardcore for Tortorella, LOVED Younger, don’t know if I am stanning the new ink! What do we think Instincters stanning for the ink? Sound off in the comments below!

Sources: People

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    Wake up and smell the roses

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