P!nk’s ‘What About Us’ Sings To Our Hearts About Equality

With the onslaught of freedom and liberties that we have been seeing in the last several months, there’s no surprise that artists and the entertainment industry has come to the forefront as a voice for everyone seeking to be heard. We’ve seen this in film, television, theater, but most importantly music. Music, which is a salvation for so many during difficult times has always proven to be the answer in the waiting and anticipation of the unknown.

Such is the case for P!nk, in her grand return to music charts. Her latest single What About Us tells the story of the marginalized communities who are yearning for inclusion and respect amidst this daunting political climate. The music video pays homage to the rallies and protests that have painted the American canvas since Election Day in 2016 and features minority groups, including two men in a dance duo, as a means of telling the story of America’s overlooked people.

Here are some of the song’s powerful lyrics:

What about us?
What about all the times you said you had the answers?
What about us?
What about all the broken happy ever afters
What about us?
What about all the plans that ended in disaster?
What about love? What about trust?
What about us?

We are problems that want to be solved
We are children that need to be loved
We were willing, we came when you called
But man you fooled us, enough is enough

The song was co-written by P!nk and Johnny McDaid who has written for/with Ed Sheeran and James Blunt among many others. What About Us is a single off of P!nk’s upcoming album Beautiful Trauma which will be out on October 13th.

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