Pocket Gays Rejoice! Peter Manning, Designer, Launched Fashion Line Just For You

Let's keep it 100% — men, just like women — sometimes face fashion challenges (and full on horror) when it comes to finding clothes that fit. And for those who swing to one side of the pendulum: short, tall, skinny or husky, some gave up a long time ago on finding comfortable, well fitting clothes. Well, pocket gays, one designer has you covered.


Enter, Peter Manning (pictured below). At 5'8" — only two inches shorter than the average American male — the Tony Award Winning Producer turned designer, creating his own line of American sportswear exclusively for men 5'8" and under.

What's awesome about Manning's line is that he's created a special size calculator — simply input your height and weight and it tells you which of the four size categories you fall under. Once you find out your category you then know which items and styles most fit and flatter your… well… short frame.


Currently, Manning's store is only available online, though he does hope to have physical locations soon.

In the meantime, check out some of the style tips Manning had to share with Business Insider:

Find a good tailor. "A really good tailor can reshape and re-taper a leg, but unfortunately not every tailor at a store or in a laundry shop is actually talented at that," Manning said. "Of course, the whole reason I started my company was so people don't have to go to the tailor, but it's still a good tool to have in one's arsenal."

Pants: When shopping for pants, always look for medium or lower-rise cuts with a slim leg. Make sure to keep the leg opening at the ankle narrow.

Also, avoid cuffs and pleats as much as possible, since they make yours legs look short and can give the illusion of wider hips.

"One of the things I'm passionate about is cleaning up the line of the pant for men because a slimmer pant with no pleats makes a man look taller," Manning said. "Frankly, pleats are a disaster and I wish they would be outlawed."

Shorts: Like with pants, narrow silhouettes are best. Choose shorts that are cut above the knee to help you look taller. "Never, ever, ever wear shorts longer than your knees," Manning said.

Blazers: Men under 5'8'' need a better proportioned — not just shorter — blazer that fits well across the shoulders and in the arms.

It's worth investing in a bespoke or specialty blazer — it will last and save money since you won't have to re-tailor it to fit your body perfectly.

Shirts: Untucked button down shirts are one of Manning's big no-nos, especially when the shirt is too long. "If you do decide to wear a shirt untucked, it should never go lower than two inches below your hips," he said.

Shoes: Invest in the best shoes possible that are a classic style and will last for years, and avoid heels or lifts. "My whole company is about bringing dignity and style to shorter men," Manning said. "I don't recommend lifts or a heel because I think it ends up being too obvious."



What do you think of Manning's (don't laugh!) size calculator and online store, Instincters?


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2 thoughts on “Pocket Gays Rejoice! Peter Manning, Designer, Launched Fashion Line Just For You”

  1. It’s great!

    It's great!

    I've never been able to fit standard-sized clothing, even when I had my weight down. I've always had a short inseam for my height, leading to innumerable pairs of pants being hemmed (which costs more money unless you can do it yourself or have a friendly seamstress). I have come to abhor "fashion" simply because it's primarily designed for a body type that almost no one has. Gratifying to see a designer taking note of a non-standard body type.

    Years ago, I started shopping at a portly/short men's store in Chicago called Wallaby Station. It was great to walk in and find dress casual clothes that fit without alterations. These days, many decades later, I'm a DestinationXL customer (I'm a bear). Sure wish a gay designer would step into that space, outside of t-shirts. Same goes for non-standard build women. We all need and deserve nice looking clothes, and it seems like more than a niche market to me.


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