Pod Save The Queen-Cheryl Hole Dishes The Divas On ‘Girl Group Gossip’

In a time where everything is broken down and discussed, Girl Group Gossip is the exact kind of podcast we could use. Launching Season 2 earlier this summer, Drag Race UK doll Cheryl Hole and a guest would deconstruct and dish on the most legendary girl groups in history. Hole offers her take on everything from girl groups to Real Housewives to Broadway, all the while chatting with superstars like Marisha Wallace, Lisa Scott-Lee and Jackie Cox. I sat down to chat with Hole about the podcast coming back for a second season, expanding the podcast this season to include topics like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and how things have changed for her since Season 1 of Drag Race UK. 


Michael Cook: Right off the bat, when did the inspiration to do a podcast suddenly pop up?

Cheryl Hole: I’ll be honest, there are lots and lots of projects that I have always wanted to do in my career and it wasnt until we were locked inside our houses, and I thought it might be the time to start a podcast!

MC: Is the format for the podcast, where you simply want to dish with people about girl groups, something that you simply always wanted to do?

Cheryl Hole: You know, I think one thing that ties everyone together is passion for girl groups. Whether it is a secret passion, maybe a dirty little secret that you love a little cheesy pop group, everyone loves girl groups lfrom the Spice Girls tp Fifth Harmony, we all just love them. I mean, if you are in a nightclub, everyone is going to get up and dance to ‘Wannabe’; Why not chit chat and gossip about it?


MC: in the UK as opposed to the United States, the variation between what girl groups are popular is significant. For example, Girls Aloud in the UK is absolutely massive, whereas here in the States, they are a cult favorite.

Cheryl Hole: Well you’re gonna die because I just did a pride gig with Nadine Coyle herself and we chatted for ages. I have met her before, pre Drag-Race. To be on the same billing with her was a bit of a surreal moment for myself. We actually had the conversation today, my fiancee and I who operates as my touring manager, where we realized we do some absolutely bizarre stuff. If you time machined me back to 2015, I would swear that you were lying; You just have to pinch yourself and say that it is actually happening.


MC: Since your season of Drag Race UK, you have been massively busy, as have many of your Drag Race UK sisters; this franchise has truly revolutionized RuPaul’s Drag Race as a whole. Did you ever think that it would be come what it has become? 

CH: We always thought that Drag Race UK was going to be big, we didnt realize the scale of the countries around the world that would touch. We were so blessed to be given that opportunity to show what we do over here in the UK, to know that we have so much love and support worldwide is insane. I am so grateful to everyone that has gotten on British drag and said “well you might be bit rough around the edges, but we adore you to bits!”


MC: The perspective and point of view of British drag is so different from visually almost any other space in the world, do you think that is fair to say? 

CH: For sure. We were so lucky to be on Season 1 of Drag Race UK and be the ones to get started. With every season now, they are upping the game and bringing their looks, so I am kind of glad we got on Season One (laughs)! 

MC: Drag Race UK just made its own herstory, with Victoria Scone, the first cisgender female drag performer to be cast on the show. Can you believe that has happened? 

CH: You know, I can believe it because they have been doing the damn thing for quite some time. I am so grateful that the world is finally getting to see what these amazing females are doing and have been doing; it is changing the rules of drag. 


MC: Who are three girl group members that you would be absolutely thrilled to have on the podcast? 

CH: Well obviously, I have to do a Girls Aloud episode at some point. Whether I just call Cheryl back and we have a reunion or whether I just call Nadine up because we’re besties now (laughs). Obviously I would have to do a Spice Girls one, the Spice Girls were such a worldwide international phenomenon. If I could get Emma Bunton on, I think I would lose my moment. Finally, we have to talk about girls of the moment, like Little Mix. We all know the girls go solo and go rogue and do their own thing for a bit, but the girl groups are really the core for me.


MC: no matter how girls groups are packaged, if the girls have the right music and the right look, the boys almost always go crazy for them.That is why a podcast like Girl Group Gossip is so important

CHL the thing about the podcast is that the title is so wide open. Why we initially discuss girl groups, we are also a group of girls discussing stuff. In Season 2, we have done an episode on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, because we are truly discussing a group of girls! 


MC: So in your own opinion, did Erika Jayne know? 

CH: Well I don’t want to get sued by Erika Jayne Limited/LLC, but in all honesty. who knows what she has done. I don’t think that she was privy to it and she was told “you’re going along with this”. All I’m saying is that I am Team Sutton; give that girl an Emmy! 

MC: When does Cheryl Hole feel the most authentic and the most yourself? 

CH: I think for me, I have realized so much that I am a home person; I really enjoy being at home. We were very fortunate to be in the position that we were able to tour for six months until the pandemic hit. We were able to experience the full effect of the show before the pandemic, and then we worked throughout it. I was fortunate to get out their and see different places, cities and countries. Then come home and enjoy being home. That is not to discredit my tour life, but there is something about stepping in that door, switching that switch off and just being one hundred percent me.


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