Pod Save The Queen-The “Move I’m Gay” Podcast Celebrates 100 Episodes

Some podcasts are known to have massive success rates and longevity, while others seemingly fall by the wayside without explanation. For the divinely cheeky and wonderfully hilarious Move I’m Gay podcast, Francisco and Brendan (also known to loyal listeners as Franny & Brenda) are celebrating their 100th episode on Tuesday February 22nd. One of the key ingredients in the success of Move I’m Gay (taped live from their studio each week)is the opposing views of the hosts themselves. While Franny may be the go-to guy on everything entertainment and pop culture, Brenda dives goes deep on LGBTQ history. Politics are discussed and cocktails flow and the hosts have found these components to be a key ingredients to their success.


Prior to kicking off the Move I’m Gay podcast, Brendan and Francisco were in each other’s orbit casually, but definitely not close friends; as a matter of fact, they had only hung out once prior to sitting down to record the first episode in February 2020. While they may have lighthearted fare like “Gay of the Day” where amazing accomplishments of LGBTQ individuals are noted (Jeopardy! champ Amy Schneider being one of them) but showcase the infamous (the “Bless This Mess” segment showcases some of the most shameful events of the week). They also get personal in some unexpected ways; in the “Hog Hunters” episode for example, Brenda was forced to come to terms with the truth about the man he had been speaking with on Tinder. “I had to be convinced live during the episode that I was being catfished. All of the obvious signs were there but I simply wasn’t willing to admit it” Brendan says.

One aspect of their podcast that Francisco and Brendan are now acutely aware of is that being a member of the LGBTQ community is inherently and daily, a political act. “We realized pretty quickly that avoiding the serious topics would come across as tone deaf, and that’s the last thing we want the show to be,” Brendan explains. The hosts have each gained a great deal of knowledge about themselves as well. “I’ve found that my favorite shows are when we’re our real selves, imperfections and all,” says Francisco. Brendan additionally echoed. “Being authentic seems to be working for us. Like the great Cheryl Lynn sang in her 1978 self-titled debut studio album, ‘Got to Be Real’.”

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