Podcasts and YouTube Channels You Didn’t Know You Should Be Following

As we embrace springtime this week, the more ambitious of us who are religious about “Spring Cleaning” may want to change up our on-line listening and viewing pleasure for something new.

Whether you listen to podcasts, or watch YouTube shows while working out, jogging, folding clothes, or cooking in your kitchen (I saw you roll your eyes when I suggested that you cook), here are some LGBTQ shows for you to try out and hopefully enjoy as much as we do. While I’ve never met any of them, after listening and watching them for awhile they seem like good friends.


Damon Dominique – American YouTuber Living in Paris, France

First off, Damon Dominique is FUNNY. He might not crack you up all of the time, although truth be told he cracks himself up a lot. Most importantly, however, he puts together a well produced, visually interesting video about once a week (“Most Likely Thursdays”) where he talks about what is going on in his life as a gay American living in Paris. Prior to COVID he traveled quite a bit as well, so check out his back-catalogue of episodes. Oh, and if you have ever wanted to learn French, he put together perhaps the best course for getting the basics on stuff you wish you knew but were never taught.

YouTube Channel: “Most Likely Thursdays”


Instagram: damondominique


Feast of Fun Podcast – An informative, yet humorous look at today’s headlines

Next up is this charming podcast hosted by Fausto Fernós and Marc Felion. The two of them have been in the podcasting business for over 15 years from their studio in Chicago. They often feature drag queens as part of their regular roundtable of guests, which has included such LGBTQ icons as Margaret Cho, Bruce Vilanch, John Waters, and Kathy Griffin. Their daily show is award winning and the topics they discuss are probably not the ones that appear in traditional media. Just sayin’

Apple Podcast: feast-of-fun-gay-talk-show

Instagram:  feastoffun




Food 4 Thot Podcast – “Like NPR, on poppers.”

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. “I’m a gay slut who reads.” Well gurl, I’ve got just the podcast for you! Welcome to the Food 4 Thot world of witty banter about literature and being a gay slut. Their weekly one hour show is hosted by four queers who have different backgrounds (a poet, an ex-figure skater, a professional troll, and a card-carrying member of the Gay Mafia) and they dish about what they are reading, watching, and thinking about. Recent episodes included a fast paced discussion on what makes them steamy, and well, you just need to listen…

Podcast: food4thotpodcast.com

Instagram:  gayslutswhoread


The Sewers of Paris Podcast – Not What You Think


Bringing it back around to Paris (ya’ see what I did there, right?), well not really because even though there is Paris in the title of his podcast, what Matt Baume actually talks about on his podcast (and on his YouTube channel) is how popular culture has changed our lives as gay men. Based in Seattle he’s kind of the Teri Gross of gay interviews, but I assure you that you’ll think about things in a new way after you’ve heard his take on a topic. His weekly podcast and slightly less frequent YouTube episodes are just the right balance for your info-tainment diet.

YouTube: youtube.com/mattbaume

Twitter:  MattBaume

What about you, what podcasts and YouTubers can you recommend?

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