#POINTPROVEN: Aaron Carter Doesn’t Want To Date Men!

Aaron Carter Refuses To Date Men

My Point Is Proven

First and foremost, I'd like to state that this is MY 'instinct,' My individual opinion, and mine alone. I enjoy being able to share my thoughts on a platform I respect and I absolutely love Instinct Magazine for allowing me to do so. If you have any complaints, connect with me through Instagram.

Let's begin. As you're aware Aaron Carter made the brave decision to come out of the closet as bisexual. Immediately, the LGBTQ Media blew their load all over him and gave him so much free, encouraging press. Some of us were holding our breath.  The reinvigorating fame wave came just after Aaron was caught up in a DUI and drug possession scandal, brought to the world's attention by his brother, Nick Carter.  

With this new outpouring of love from old and new fans in the LGBT community and just after his girlfriend dumped him, Aaron Carter departed on a gay bar tour to rejuvenate his career and even became emotional because of the overwhelming support the LGBTQ Community had shown him.  Instinct and every other LGBTQ blog made Aaron Carter a hot subject across the board by covering everything he had done over the last month. He was the trending topic on all sites.

Then I had something to say.

I decided to call Carter, and others, out for using the LGBTQ Media after they have a downfall or want to have a rise. My post went viral quickly and was even seen by Carter himself.  hE reacted via social media with disgust over my opinion and his (new) fans lit their torches and came for me. As an openly gay man, I was being targeted for making a statement that the LGBTQ media –our media – my media was being taken advantage of by some.


A1 since day1 @porcelainblack

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Here we go again.


In a recent interview with TMZ, Carter discusses his relationships with men.

He was bragging about being pleasured orally by a female what's-her-face, Porcelain Black, while leaving an exclusive West Hollywood club. He also states that he doesn't want to date men. Let me quote him for you:

"I’ve been hearing a lot of negativity too… like prejudice and slurs, and remarks that I don’t deserve. I want to pursue a relationship with a woman. When it comes down to it, really, I had an experience when I was 17 with a guy, but now as an almost 30-year-old man, I’m going to be pursuing relationships with women."

I'm not making this up. Have we all been duped?!?

This behavior is exactly what I was talking about in my first article. Aaron has taken the well-trodden path of gaining instant and massive exposure from the LGBTQ community and the LGBTQ media, and has reinvigorated his former almost extinguished star power. It seems lik we do this far too often. We become hypnotized with anyone who is just like us or says they are just like us. Maybe we were all thinking we'd be dating Carter in the next few weeks. Who knows!?

Once again, my opinion is that I believe Aaron Carter has smoothly used the LGBTQ Community to get in good graces with the public. I mean, we have been distracted enough to forget about his struggles and troubles after him 'coming out'. 

I am a firm believer and supporter of bisexuality. I'm glad Carter came out … but, was it with the right intentions? He's claiming to have had only one sexual encounter with a man when he was a teenager. Does that make anyone who has messed around with a member of the same sex a bisexual, even if it was YEARS ago? I don't think so. Is Carter truly bisexual, after all? 

Do you think celebrities are using the LGBTQ Media for good press?

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21 thoughts on “#POINTPROVEN: Aaron Carter Doesn’t Want To Date Men!”

  1. Whether or not Aaron is or is not bisexual is his business. My problem lies if he said it simply to get a boost to his fledgling music career.
    I will admit him recanting his “coming out” left me confused and wondering why he thought the need was there to even say it.
    I won’t trash on him, but I hope he gets it together and gets the “yes” people and toxic people out of his life.

  2. He is not bi-sexual, he is

    He is not bi-sexual, he is totally gay. It has been known for years in LA. There was a pic of him blowing-I think Christian Hayden.

  3. I am a 36 year old bi guy.  I

    I am a 36 year old bi guy.  I have looks and kind of got put out there from my not seeing a difference at age 8 between crushes on boys and girls, got Catholic failed saving and my mom came out and 7 gay men then stepped into the opposite place.  And I got the just come all the way out deal.

    I had to learn Krav Maga and believe me it was the only option I had.  So, yeah different is really many of our experiences that you and the stagnant queer borg bi guys, the very few you never want.  Yet the no strings attached, curious/bi-het dudes over and over again get involved with entitled gay men.  

    You seem to ditch them for scummy 3-4 girls/guys at once creeps.  It's almost always like that.  I had an ex reunite and and he was playing me.  He was a legit love in our teens and was a 5 girl, 2 gay guy trying to play me.  And getting compared to Tom Hardy etc is socially different than the first impression of "you look like that hotter goth girl who is too good for Hot Topic and likes college guys".

    I was told I wasn't welcome from the get go and said, "straight up, I know you all know my mother and she's most concerned with the "shame" of having a son that "outdoes these "Marilyn Mason" satanic cult people" that these lesbian conference.  As long as we agree not to write each other's reality off and just do ours".

    That never lasted.  And the irony was the love you had when the bi women scared of us.  I saw a few times how fast they get called delusional lesbo sluts when they said, "lesbians do the same shit and you aren't being a concerned friend either".  

    Also, what is the deal with everyone going insane when some of us bi people date each other?? Especially, when you and hetero men had us divided and they rape and abuse bi women.  I also grasp the diversity issue with bi people.   I am not down with the the complex jargon that

    I see the jab up there and you don't need to go over the top with the 76 genders bullshit.  Really, that being the rhetoric jargon bullshit that most outside bi people say is insufferable.  It feels like you guys care more about isolating and controlling us as a group than real progress.

    I am baffled as to how to grasp the logic of you queens.  Where in your mind do you come up what you think we are?? I ask because I sat through a lispy queen describing us and I said, "that sounds sex offender meets paranoid conspiracy".

    BAM!!  "this is homophobia!!"  I haven't learned that trick yet and they made up a bunch of new ones.  IDK.. people are almost sick of this extremism and an alt-Center "hope" could probably be the major blow.  

    Bi and gay men, if we want any progress, sitting and listening to each other with a no phobia, accept not liking what the other does.  Bi and gay men since the 1960s have been socially alternating between fucking each other over.  I will say it, it's odd that this randomly is a big issue.  It's almost like trans people giving you a taste of your own medicine means we suffer.  This decade is almost over.


    • I’m trying to comprehend what

      I'm trying to comprehend what you're saying, but like many "proud bi guys" you're coming off very pretentious and incomprehensible. 

      I'm gonna try to respond to what I can decipher:

      Ultimately, I am a homo-dominant bisexual. And I studied both sexuality and sexual psychology in college. I'm very aware of the dimensions of sexuality and the many things that effects people's sexual behavior and identity. 

      One of the problems with "bisexual" as well as a ton of other "identities" is that it doesn't really mean anything anymore. Sexual orientation used to just mean the gender/s you have sexual attraction to. Now, many people say they're bi if they have "physical" attraction to multiple genders, can develop romantic or "emotional" attraction to multiple genders, can enjoy any type of sex with multiple genders, have ever had any sexual contact with multiple genders. That makes the concept of being bisexual much more convoluted. People also don't seem to want to embrace the idea that sexual orientation is not a behavior or "lifestyle".     

      I could be a "proud bi guy". I have some sexual attraction to women and have enjoyed sex and relationships with women in my teens and early twenties. But my substantial and sustainable sexual attractions and arousal and passions are with men. I have the ability to love a man. And it doesn't hurt my ego to do so or to live the "gay lifestyle". I'm too practical and have too settled of a an ego to be out here trying to be with women in any capacity. Some people have an extremely difficult time admitting the dimensions of their sexuality and how much ego and fetish and sociology might play a role in their sex lives and identities. That's especially a big problem for many bi-identifying men.

      Too many "proud to be bi" guys on social media and in the press seem like they're contending with internalized homophobia, are only interested in using gay-identifying men for sex and/or money, simply don't want to be seen as "gay" for social reasons, are contending with extremely convoluted egos, are driven by megalomania and sadomasochistic fetishes. These are patterned stereotypes that won't die. They're persistent because they're often true. Being more direct and honest about exact sexual attractions and whatever might be holding you back from living a life reflective of your substantial sexual attractions, being more direct about your romantic interests and who you can emotionally connect with- this is what is important. Leaving out the pretentiousness and evasive tactics, legitimately communicating with people about exactly who you are and what you want- it's a necessary thing for all of us to do more often. We need to start looking beyond "labels" and be truly honest about the make-up of individual sexuality and what is motivating an individual.    

      Ultimately, no matter what Aaron's actual sexual orientation is he fvcked up his "outing". He made people think he actually had sexual attraction to men (and now he's hinting that he doesn't). He made people think that he was very open to having relationships with men (which he has quickly made clear that he is not). He simply used lgbt to grab some headlines, set up a few gigs and push a new song. And that doesn't help the "cause" at all. 

  4. Everyone has the right to

    Everyone has the right to date whoever. And almost all men who have legit sexual attractions to multiple genders, to whatever degree, don’t actually have any real desire to date more than one gender or their ego is only settled in relationships with one gender. Wanting to persistently date and have sex with multiple genders isn't a reflection of being bisexual. It's more of a reflection of being an narcissist/megalomania. I have some sexual attraction to women but zero interest in women sexually or romantically. However, Aaron said he was attracted to men, not sexually attracted to them (there's a difference). He also didn't flat-out say he was bisexual until pushed. He admitted to hooking up with a guy when he was 17 but says he’s done nothing else with a dude and doesn't’t intend to. Just a week ago he was supposedly broken-hearted yet “feeling free”, admitting that he needed help for his addictions and was being  “open-minded” about who he wanted to date. Yet, in that blink-brief of time he’s performing and partying in clubs, pushing a new single, saying he’s certain he only wants to date chicks and is bragging about getting head from random hangers-on girls.

    So, if you’re not sexually attracted to men/sexually arouse by men, have no romantic interests in men and have no sexual interest in men how are you bisexual in any definition of the word (and there seems to be a million definitions for bisexual nowadays) and why are we “coming out”? No matter what his actual exact sexual attractions or sexual behaviors are there’s no doubt he and/or his handlers used lgbt to boost his notoriety, get him public sympathy and to change the narrative of his career and life. And the reasoning behind his “outing” unlikely extends beyond that.    

    Stop defending, giving notice and credence to this type of narcissistic, megalomaniac, attention-desperate and/or self-rejecting garbage, and we'd see it less often. 


  5. I knew it.  Never believed

    I knew it.  Never believed for a second he was bisexual.  Just another heterosexual playing on gay men's desperation.

    • Saying that he might some

      Saying that he might some type of minor attraction to men and that he hooked up with a guy once, but that he doesn't have any real sexual attraction to guys and doesn't want to be with a dude- that was not gonna get him the press he was looking for. 

      Despite it being 2017 and all that crap most non overtly gay famous or even semi famous homo and homo-dominant men who live a "gay lifestyle" and who actually want to be with a man are not coming out unless forced or when their careers are at a dead end. And when/if they do come out it's not like this. This was fishy right from the jump and quickly revealed itself to be obvious manipulation.

  6. Reread his “coming out tweet”

    Reread his "coming out tweet" on August 5th & tell me that to you it reads as just him sharing that he fucked around with a guy once when he was a teen. 


    Here since I can't post a comment photo:


    "To start off, I would like to say that I love each and EVERY ONE of my fans. There's something I'd like to say that I feel is important for myself and my identity that has been weighing on my chest for nearly half of my life. 


    This doesn't bring me shame, just a weight and burden I have held onto for a long time that I would like lifted off of me. I grew up in this entertainment industry at a very young age and when I was around 13-years-old I started to find boys and girls attractive. There were years that went by that I thought about it, but it wasn't until I was 17-years old, after a few relationships with girls, I had an experience with a male that I had an attraction to who I also worked with and grew up with. 


    To me music has always been my temple. Music will ALWAYS be what transcends all of us and myself. The studio has always been my safe haven. But the ultimate goal for me is to be satisfied. I never want to be a figure of disappointment. 


    The best quote to sum 


    "I've never felt as though I didn't belong, I just acted as though I did." -Boy George


    No that was in no way a coming out of any sort just sharing he let a gay guy blow him right but hey #nohomo 

    Look I don't give a shit if he said the words or not and honestly I could give a fuck if he is or not. I'm commenting because people are so angry  that the media labeled him bi when he didn't say the words & yeah maybe they jumped the gun but you honestly can read that and it comes across as a one time thing?

    Why did he feel the need to share with the world that he experimented one time? Better yet when he was labeled as bisexual by the media why do he take him so long to correct it and say that "no you guys got it wrong, you misunderstood. I am not bi, I was just sharing with my fans how I fooled around with a dude once." He sure didn't mind people thinking he was bi when everyone was commending him for such a brave move. mean it is pretty interesting that he decides to share that information right before he decides to perform at gay clubs. Also it doesn't hurt that he ended his post with a quote from Boy George but no this wasn't planned at all. If experimented once when he was a kid, cool that's what you do when you're discovering who you are. I'm sure people are gonna jump all over me and honestly if I'm board I'll argue back but just as the author said this is my opinion based on the facts laid out in front of me. 

    Yes media gave him a label he didn't give himself. They were wrong

    However I still think even though they fucked up so did he. I think he knew what he was saying and said it carefully and when he realized that there were so many hateful cunts online & in the big picture this wasn't gonna give him his desired results he decided to take it back but spoke in such a way he can make the media out to be the bad guy. Just more fake news to cell ad space. It's lucky he can do that. How many kids that have been kicked out and disowned by their parents have gotten back in the house and gotten to place the "blame" on someone else. If he's bi and back tracking okay. It sucks but I get it. If he used the my community to try and resurrect a long dead career. 

    If was all for press the bright side is at least the times are changing. How many gay actors or singers played it straight so they could work. Then again depending on when it was done it wasn't just so they could work but also so they didn't have to worry if they were gonna be beaten or imprisoned or even killed. So yeah I don't understand at all why anyone could be upset that someone would pretend to be gay considering our communities history. It's not like the act so many of us put on for many years was for something as important as selling music.

    • I can see both points.Yeah,

      I can see both points.Yeah, he didn't say he was bi, but he knew what he was doing when he released that statement, sparking interest in the LGBT community. At first I thought this author was a bit misguided (mainly because in his original article he mentioned people that have come out as gay when they knew it would hurt their career), but I think he was right when it came to Carter, especially since he is now using it to try and get on Will & Grace and "revealing his truth in his new music". It all seems a bit of a ploy to revamp his career,and it makes me wonder if his intentions are genuine.

  7. Maybe the LGBTQ , ( add any

    Maybe the LGBTQ , ( add any additional letters this week) should live their lives very and stop trying to be a cause, instead of label mongers , we wouldn't have problems

  8. LGBTQ media did this to

    LGBTQ media did this to themselves. I have not once heard him say that he is bi. He simply said that he had a same-sex relationship when he was younger. They are not the same thing. It could simply mean that he experimented with men and determined he was straight, just like Tom Hardey.  He never clarified. If LGBTQ media doesn't want this to happen again, maybe they should just report what people say, instead of reaching for a non-factual yet eye-catching headlines.

    • Or even better, do what

      Or even better, do what reporters are supposed to do — investigate and report the facts. This case didn't seem to need much in the way of investigation. Instinct is clearly not about journalism. It's about gossip. They either hear it themselves, or (more typically) they repeat gossip from other sources. And that's it.

      • To be fair, all of the gay

        To be fair, all of the gay blogs reported that he said he was bi when he didn't. It's not just Instinct.

    • He has said that he’s

      He has said that he's bisexual. I follow him on Instagram and he's gone live and stated it on numerous occasions.

    • Let’s be real. That extremely

      Let's be real. That extremely manipulative initial "coming out" post that probably had very little to do with Aaron (do we really think he knew that Boy George quote?) could be deciphered as nothing else but someone admitting to being bisexual and even admitting to wanting to be with a man. In the interview he gave a couple days after that post he claimed he was very open minded about things in the future. He said all the right stuff at first with just the right amount of vagueness and specifics, probably while being spoon-fed the cliches to utter. And now in just a week he's coming off like a contradictory, attention-desperate, back to his partying and hetero ways hot mess self. It was all just done to get a quick shot of publicity and some quick drug money. And LGBT media, being as naive and desperate as they are, completely fell for the fraudulence. 


      • I agree, and I think that him

        I agree, and I think that him (or his publicist) purposely left the word bisexual out, knowing that they could walk back the claims. Regardless, I agree that the whole thing was probably a lie to boost his career, and it is very unfortunate if that is the case.

        • Almost all of these famous

          Almost all of these famous and semi famous men repping for bi/fluid/queer/pan people are incredibly vague about their sexual attractions and behaviors and are often contradictory and generally don't seem interested in legitimately dating anyone but the opposite cis gender, which unfortunately just heightens the stereotype of bi identifying people being manipulative, narcissistic and/or being more driven by fetish/ego/attention/money than inherent sexual attractions. 

          Aaron's initial post and succeeding interview were just too pc and indirect and perfectly timed. I wanted to somewhat buy it at the beginning but quickly saw through the bs. 



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