Police Arrested A Performance Artist Who Stripped At Hong Kong’s Pride Parade

Photo by Park Geon – Hwan on Unsplash

A performance artist was arrested at Hong Kong’s Pride Parade for stripping down to his underwear.


While many people, including Christian officials, enjoyed thier time at Hong Kong’s Pride march, one performer was having a very bad day.

According to the Hong Kong Free Press, Hong Kong police arrested the 21-year-old performance artist around 4:30 p.m. this past Saturday for “outraging public indecency.”

This “public indecency” was stripping down to only his underwear on Hennesy Road and tying red rope around his waist. He did all this while an accomplice recorded him among the crowd of pride goers.


Hong Kong’s Section 148 states that a citizen who’s charged with “indecency in public” could be fined up to HK$6,000 (approximately $766 usd) and six months in jail.

According to the Distinct Crime Squad, an investigation has been initiated and the performance artist has been released on bail.

h/t: Hong Kong Free Press

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