Police In Search Of BMW Driver Who Threw Eggs At Gay Men In Wilton Manor

A group of men were egged outside a gay sports bar in Florida Monday night.

Around 11:45 pm in Wilton Manors, Florida, Brian Carter and two friends were standing outside the Gym Bar when a black BMW M3 drove by.

Carter says he only heard something along the lines of, “Do you want to be gay?” before he and his friends were pelted with eggs.

"I mostly just heard the yelling and was pelted right away," Carter said according to local10. "It was a pretty heavy hit right here, but it splattered so much and it hit a couple other people."

"They were definitely shaming us for being something that we feel like we were born with. I feel no shame for who I am," Carter added.

Police later arrived at the scene and took a report from Carter and his friends.

"It didn't hurt. I didn't go home and cry. I went home and went to bed," Carter said. "I kind of laughed it off, but I feel bad for the person that threw it. Why would he feel like he needed to do that?"

Needing to vent some of these feelings out, Carter also shared a post on Facebook about the incident.

According to CBS Miami, Carter contemplated in the Facebook post how the attack could have been deadlier in a post-Pulse America.

“After what happened in Orlando at Pulse two years ago now, it can be anywhere. It can be any one of us,” he continued. “You can get a gun down here pretty easily and it’s scary to me to think that it’s just an egg, but I could have just as easily been shot.”

That said, Rick Schmutzler, the owner of the Gym Bar said, “I honestly think it was just a stupid, random one-off by some cowardly little punk in a BMW.”

He added: "Some idiot decides he's going to drive by, throw an egg and yell a slur. It's cowardly. It's stupid. It's childish and it's ridiculous.”

Local 10's Ian Margol also reported that egg remains were found throughout the area, and CBS Miami says some were found outside of the “Out of the Closet” pharmacy and thrift store, which is across from the police department.

Speaking of the police, they are currently investigating the situation. Meanwhile the Gym Bar announced earlier through Facebook that it was selling $3 breakfast sandwiches all day Tuesday in reaction to the incident.

h/t: Local10, CBSMiami

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