Police Officer Gets Read For Filth

How many times have you encountered a police officer who just rubbed you the wrong way, and you wanted to give him a piece of your mind but were too afraid to say anything? If you said never, you're lying. Tell the truth, Mary.

I do not take pleasure in posting a video of my people (that would be both the blacks and the gays… at least I presume he's gay) misbehaving—but lord have mercy—he read this police officer for FILTH. And I kind-of have to give him a brotha-man fist bump for it simpy because of its comedic value.

We've all popped off at the mouth when we shouldn't have. You live and you learn. In the meantime, we'll laugh!

See the viral video in all of its ratchet glory below:






5 thoughts on “Police Officer Gets Read For Filth”

  1. Umm, yeah, filthy
    Umm, yeah, filthy disrespectful mouth. Give him 2 tickets for littering for all the garbage that just came out of his mouth!

  2. It’s not the police he is

    It's not the police he is shading.  It's a camera man for the local news who is with the police.  He is polite to the officer.  It's so obvious how could you all miss that?


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