Police Storm Aaron Carter’s Home After Callers Claim He’s “On the Verge of Death”

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Police placed Aaron Cater under mental evaluations after visiting his home this week.

The Blast got ahold of St. Petersburg Police Department reports and say that at first a woman called 911 after reportedly seeing Carter “engaging in drug activity.”

“He’s been driving drunk all night,” she told 911 operators, "I’m sure he was driving fast and intoxicated.” She also noted that he looked, “very, very ill” and “on the verge of death.”

In addition, several neighbors and friends reported their concerns for Aaron Carter.

One friend noted that Carter supposedly “threatened to harm family and others,” before threatening to take his own life by overdosing on a mixture of Xanax, Clonopin and “dusters” (computer dusters).

The friend said that Aaron Carter’s “words were slurred and did not make sense” and that his “skin color was off.”

When police showed up at Carter’s house, they noted that he “does have a lot of prescription meds in his home.”

They then decided to evaluate if he met the criteria for the Baker Act, which allows someone to be involuntarily institutionalized if police deem they are a danger to themselves or others.  In the end, they felt he did not meet the requirements to be hospitalized.


Even though the police felt he was well enough to not intervene, Aaron Carter has decided to go into rehab.

His rep released a statement:

"Aaron has decided to enter a facility to improve his health and work on his overall wellness. He is going to do this privately and focus all his attention on being the best person and performer possible. He is grateful for the support and love from his fans and looks forward to coming back stronger than ever before."

In addition: Carter tweeted out the following.

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2 thoughts on “Police Storm Aaron Carter’s Home After Callers Claim He’s “On the Verge of Death””

  1. Thoughts and prayers go out

    Thoughts and prayers go out to Aaron and to his family.  Please don't make this your last show Aaron, brother, please…I have liked you for a long time, supported you in the face of haters, even had your calender hanging in my kitchen…dude, don't you know it's not time for you to die…please…you may never know how much you mean to so many, do not go yet Aaron.

  2. The Baker Act gives police a

    The Baker Act gives police a lot of leeway. If things were as bad as suggested by the caller, I'm surprised that they didn't act more assertively in this case.

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