Polish Government May Intercede in UK Adoption

Deputy justice minister Michał Wójcik said that the Polish government may try to stop a UK adoption because the child may be adopted by a same-sex couple. Image by Jacek Domiński via News Beezer.

The Polish government may prevent a same-sex couple from adopting the son of a Polish woman, according to Notes From Poland.

A British father Polish immigrant Aneta Zrobczyńska gave birth to her son, Harry, who was removed from Zrobczyńska’s home after she left him with her thirteen-year-old daughter. Under his sister’s care, Harry burned himself, which led Aneta to lose custody of her son. Zrobczyńska learned that Harry was going to be adopted by a same-sex couple and quickly objected, saying that she would want Harry to be “raised by a mother and father, not two fathers.” Harry’s father, however, supposedly consented to the adoption. 


After bringing this up with the Polish consulate, they informed her that same-sex adoption is legal in Britain and that she has to respect the laws of the country in which she lived for many years. Right-wing media outlets in Poland, organizations that are notoriously anti-LGBT and heavily influenced by the Polish government, took this case up. Jarosław Kaczyński, leader of Poland’s ruling party, implied that gay people would sexually abuse children that they would adopt, by saying that children adopted by same-sex coupled would be turned “into objects that are needed by someone… for fun.” Not only is this incorrect, it is also incredibly offensive and perpetuates a very harmful stereotype. 

The justice ministry has responded to this and Deputy Minister Michał Wójcik has said that “intensive action” will be taken and the first step is to obtain information from British authorities about the adoption. Wójcik suggested that a Polish organization in the UK find a heterosexual couple to adopt Harry so that his identity would be preserved. I’m assuming that he meant that Harry would turn gay if his parents were a same-sex couple. Not that there’s anything wrong with being gay, but that’s just not how it works. 

I don’t know how things work in Europe, but I’m pretty sure the Polish government and media have no jurisdiction in the UK, so I don’t really believe that this will get anywhere. However, I don’t expect the Polish government and media to ease up on this and I’m sure they’ll still try to stop Harry from being adopted by a couple that could potentially provide him with a good home. The fact that an entire government can be involved with adoption in another country shows how pervasive homophobia really is. 

Source: Notes From Poland

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  1. It was illegal UK adoption! The child has his domicile of origin in Poland and was sold by polish government for illegal adoption in UK as thousands of polish children!

  2. I’m sorry why did she loose her son. That is crazy!! He got burned in an accident. So they take away the child! What if he gets burned in the next home. Ha?? What adoption again. No one will love the child like his mother. Fucking idiots!!!


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