Polish Lip Sync Couple Get Surprised On International LGBTQ Awards Show.

I love meeting wonderful people through this job!

One couple I am so happy I have made a connection with is Jakub and Dawid.  Even if it just through the internet and we have never met in person, you can tell when someone is genuine, real, and caring. 

We started covering their story from the beginning when Roxette Says "Nice One!" To Gay Couple's Lip Sync Of "Some Other Summer" . Unfortunately the Polish Couple was Threatened After Their Roxette "Some Other Summer" Video Went Viral. What was an out and proud couple to do?  They Responded To Hate With New Video.  We were ecstatic when Jakub and David Gained Clearance To Marry In Portugal.

To my surprise, as I switched on the ol' Facebook, I see the video below of Jakub and Dawid on an international LGBT Awards show held in Stockholm, Sweden. Here's the section of the broadcast they appeared on.




Jakub posted:

This was probably one of the most beautiful moments in our life together!!!
Huge surprise from organisers QX Gala and Roxette, which will be remembered forever. Our faces say it all!

One of the boys' friends wrote:

Gay couple Jacob and David was taken by surprise by a legendary Swedish duo Roxette in front of the thousands people in the audience and cameras of Swedish television.
The boys, who made an amateur video for Roxette song "Some other summer" just a few months ago were asked to make a short speech during QX GAYGALA in Stockholm.  But when they started, PER GESSLE from Roxette entered the stage with a champagne bottle as a wedding gift for them. Guys were so shocked and couldn't believe it's happening.
To go from posting video last August to now a huge awards show in February. Wow!
We're so happy for you guys!  Knowing your story, watching this keeps me watering up every time!

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