Polish Lip Syncing / LGBT Activist Couple Ties The Knot In Portugal.

It's been great to see Jakub and Dawid snowball into one of Poland's most well known couples. Their love for each other has been evident from the beginning.  They've used their lip syncing skills and the power of their love to fight against the hatred shown our community.  The willingness to move against a nation like these two men have been showing, to push for LGBT rights in their country, has impressed us all the way over here in the US and beyond. What two men will do for rights and marriage equality!

So when Jakub messaged me and said, "We just got married!", we were all so very happy for them.

The ceremony took place at Madeira Island on 9th of June at ocean cliff. We took 20 guests with us – family and closest friends. David's mom, two brothers and my sister were among guests. I wish our grandmothers and grandfathers were able to attend, but the journey would have been too exhausting for them. We really missed them. If we were allowed to have this ceremony in Poland they would have been allowed to share these moments with us. Besides that, everything was perfect. Our guests and the lovely scenery made it really astonishing and we both had tears in our eyes during ceremony. Our dreams came finally came true.

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We are so happy for you two.  It was late in Poland when we were chatting on Facebook so David excused himself by saying,

It's 3 AM here in Poland now. I'm going to sleep and cuddle to my husband (can't get used to that name).
If that didn't make you let out an audible awwww …
We are sure Jakub and Dawid will continue to push forward and fight for LGBT rights and Marriage Equality for their fellow citizens of Poland.  Now they get to do it as newlyweds and husbands.
As a reminder of their fight, here is their most recent video.

TRIBUTE TO GEORGE MICHAEL – #polandwakeup (US Edition)



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