Politician Caught Urinating On A Gov. Zoom Call

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Caught with your pants down on camera? Again?

Canadian lawmaker William Amos is in the midst of controversy after he accidentally filmed himself urinating while on a virtual session with the House of Commons. Amos is a Liberal Party MP within Canada’s Parliament and he acknowledged on Thursday that he “urinated without realizing [he] was on camera.”


“I am deeply embarrassed by my actions and the distress they may have caused anybody who witnessed them,” Amos added. “While accidental and not visible to the public, this was completely unacceptable and I apologize unreservedly.”

Amos then shared that he will be “temporarily” stepping down from his seat on the Veterans Affairs Committee and his role as Parliamentary Secretary to Innovation, Science, and Industry Minister François-Philippe Champagne. Most likely, he’s taking this time away to reflect on his mistakes and to let the controversy blow over.

Now, we’ve seen people accidentally expose themselves over Zoom and other virtual meetings plenty of times over the last year. (Though maybe, that’s an argument for why William Amos should have had better judgment). But what’s adding to the controversy is the fact that Amos had a similar accident just a month ago!

Image via CTV News

According to the National Post, Amos was caught nude during another legislative meeting, in which he did not speak, back in April. That time, the Zoom call was public enough to lead to an image leak. CTV News obtained the above screenshot of the moment. In it, we see Amos standing nude in his office between the Canadian flag and the Quebec flag.

“This was an unfortunate error,” Amos said in a statement after the moment. “My video was accidentally turned on as I was changing into my work clothes after going for a jog. I sincerely apologize to my colleagues in the House of Commons for this unintentional distraction.”

And, of course, conservative politicians have been using these controversies to condemn their liberal peers.

“It’s now clear that Trudeau’s Liberals failed in their duty to ensure a safe work environment following the first incident,” said Conservative Party Deputy House Leader Karen Vecchio in a statement to CBC News. “We can’t have more of this from Liberal members of Parliament and Conservatives will explore all potential options to ensure this never happens again.”


From now on, it’d probably be a good thing to have William Amos’ assistant monitor his Zoom account AT ALL TIMES. Apparently, you never know when Amos will take his pants off.

Source: The National Post, CTV News, CBC News

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