Poll Proves Men Are Getting Laid At The Gym

Studies show that working out regularly can improve your sex life by boosting libido, energy and self-esteem. However, some gym-goers are increasing their heart rate with back-to-back sessions of exercise followed by sexercise.

Differio, trendy men’s clothing site, recently ran an online poll asking gym-goers if they’ve ever hooked up with someone at the gym.

The results revealed that an astonishing 40% have actually had sex at the gym. Only 6% held off on getting physical at the facility and just exchanged numbers. A dedicated 19% said they’re only focused on their fitness. 35% said they’ve never hooked up with anyone at the gym, but wouldn’t mind if it happened.

The Differio survey also asked if they preferred to work out at the gym in sexy or comfy clothing. While 40% said they only care about comfortable attire, 60% admitted that they wear sexy clothing just in case they run into someone they’re interested in.

According to these poll results, if you’re not having luck with meeting people in bars, gym hookups could be another way to approach the dating scene.

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Whether you’re trying to impress someone or just want a confidence boost, sometimes a little motivation goes a long way in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Gym hookups, anyone?

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