Poolside Cocktails, Booty Massages, And A Possible Murder Mystery

Drew Canan as Jim in 'Bad Pool Boy' (screen capture)
Drew Canan as Jim in ‘Bad Pool Boy’ (screen capture)

The latest installment of the ‘Bad Boy’ web series finds Hollywood writer Scott (series creator Artie O’Daly) attempting to enjoy a relaxing getaway only to have complications – like a possible murderer lurking about – interrupt his solitude.

In addition to some mysterious shaking bushes, Scott also has to deal with ‘bad boy’ Jim (Drew Canan) who’s silently claimed a spot on a pool float (with his ‘assets’ nicknamed “Lizzie” and “Maguire”). It seems Scott’s movie producer Vanessa invited Jim to the retreat as well to work on “being an actor.”


Scott still has hopes for peace and quiet, but as he attempts to chill poolside ‘bad boy’ James (Alex Dyon) shows up as part of Jim’s entourage, or his ‘ass-istant.’

“I’m responsible for making sure Lizzie and Maguire are always comfortable,” explains James.

Alex Dyon and Drew Canan in 'Bad Pool Boy'
Alex Dyon and Drew Canan in ‘Bad Pool Boy’

But the bushes keep shaking, and Scott grows more concerned that perhaps someone IS out to kill him. After running through several possible scenarios, though, he decides on a plan of action – to get drunk.


Drink in hand, Scott continues to wonder aloud who might be out to murder him but the boys – and Lizzie and Maguire – are getting tense. After giving the globes a massage, James goes in search of an outdoor shower.

But as the mysterious noises continue, Scott and Jim go into the underbrush to investigate which ends up with Scott grabbing Lizzie and Maguire for “comfort.”

Artie O'Daly and Drew Canan (screen capture)
Artie O’Daly and Drew Canan (screen capture)

Out of nowhere, talent agency assistant Roderick (Paul Riley Fox) shows up behind Scott with a huge knife. There’s a reason, kinda sorta, but it’s more fun if you just hit the play button.


O’Daly’s mix of mystery, humor, and ricochet bing-bang dialogue is as refreshing as James’s poolside cocktails. Canan owns ‘dumb as a fox’ Jim with a complete lack of self-consciousness and Dyon brings his own quiet ‘smolder’ to Jim.

Make sure you stick around for the clever closing credit graphics by artist Daniel Delgado.

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  1. These have never been funny. At least they are, essentially, technically adequate and have no production problems, but the humor is barely there, at best, and not at all funny or even remarkable.


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